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Everyday Heroes: Solidarity in Sandy Springs

Your everyday hero is Jennifer Barnes, who runs the Solidarity Sandy Springs food bank! Jennifer and her team of volunteers started a small emergency food pantry running out of a Sandy Springs restaurant back in March… and it has now taken over the former Publix at the Prado! They are feeding... Read More
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Group Therapy: 3 Generations, No Time Alone

Alone time with your love? Not with all that family in the house! Jenn's got 3 generations in her house right now, and she needs your advice for the best ways to sneak off with her husband. Text your suggestions ot 51539! Read More

Everyday Heroes: Atlanta's First Joyrista

What’s a Joy-rista? The name is a combination of the words Joy + Barista. Joyristas are what fuel Java Joy, an entity of Georgia nonprofit Extra Special People, is a stand-alone mobile coffee cart operation that provides employment and economic opportunities for adults with disabilities. Joyristas... Read More

Couple's Quarantine Court: Mark The Gambler

Mark's wife, Gretchen, joins the show and stands her ground! Mark's trying to convince her to let him go on a boy's trip to the casino, but between money and COVID, it's hard not to side with his wife on this one. Read More

Group Therapy: My Son's Not That Smart

The dangers of virtual learning snuck up on one of our listeners, and now she's in a serious situation! Her son got accepted into the gifted math program, but she's the one who helped him with all his assignments last year! She knows he's not ready for it, but should she see if it helps him "step... Read More
Enjoy this carb-free tequila cocktail

Bartending With Beau: The Strawberry Sunrise!

Strawberry Sunrise Ingredients: 2 oz of your favorite blanco tequila (I suggest Don Nacho Blanco) 1 orange 3 large strawberries Instructions: Slice 2 strawberries, then muddle in the bottom of your favorite lowball glass (or your favorite cup). Add tequila to the muddled strawberries and stir. fill... Read More

Group Therapy: Intimacy Questions with Dr. Mom

Dr. Mom has been our guest for a few weeks now, answering all sorts of intimacy/education/medical questions from our listeners! Thank you for listening and for sending your questions! If you've got one you haven't heard on one of our Dr. Mom segments, text 51539 and we'll save them for our next... Read More

Fake College Courses

Is there really a course in Mac & Cheese? What about Zombie Survival? Play along and see how many you get right! Read More