All the Feels: Dragon Con Gives Back

Dragon Con isn't just costumes and pop culture!

August 30, 2018

While Dragon Con may be known for its costumes, parties, and parade, the heart of the convention lies in giving back to the city where it all started, Atlanta.

Each year, Dragon Con raises money for a different charity through auctions and events throughout the weekend. Each year, they will choose a charity or organization that is near and dear to the meaning of Dragon Con. Last year alone Dragon Con raised over $100,000 for Special Olympics Georgia in part of their celebration of inclusion of all people!

This year their goal is to raise over $200,000, and to do that they’ll be matching every dollar donated up to $100,000! The charity they’ve partnered with this year is Literacy Action, because they know how much reading means to the world of sci-fi, fantasy, and everyone who loves Dragon Con.

For nearly 50 years, Literacy Action has been a grassroots driver of free adult learning services. Literacy Action builds better futures for undereducated adults by teaching literacy, life, and work skills that empower them to reach their highest potential. There are thousands of low-literate adults in the Metro area who desire the ability to enhance their basic educational skills. Founded in 1968 by volunteers in downtown Atlanta, Literacy Action is now the largest nonprofit provider of free adult basic education in georgia. 

Thank you for giving us All The Feels, Dragon Con!