Can You Spot The Best Idea?

Vote Now for The Jeff & Jenn Show's "Hear Me Out"

April 24, 2018

 We are turning the radio station over to you!

The Jeff and Jenn Show members are each pitching our WILDEST ideas. 

You decide which one is the best.

Here are your choices:

  • Jeff Dauler: "Can Jenn catch the Baby?"... A professional athlete will throw a baby off of a tall building and if Jenn Hobby catches it, then everyone that has qualified all week wins prizes!
  • Jenn Hobby: "Wheel of MisFortune"... You spin the prize wheel! Your name is on the board and if it lands on you, you win CASH! If it lands on either Jeff or Jenn, they must immediately accept the misfortune of the day. Misfortunes could be eating wasabi, making out with a mannequin or taking a toilet selfie for a profile pic! 
  • Kelly Cheese: "What the hell is Sean Paul saying?"... You hear clips of different Sean Paul songs and if you can correctly say the lyrics, then you win prizes!
  • Show Director JP: "Pops Pipes"... JP's Dad sings his version of Star 94.1 pop songs and you guess what song "Pops" is singing. Get it right, win prizes! 
  • Producer Jeannine: "Baby Beats"... tests your knowledge of children's books. One of us will be given the words to a popular children's book and have to rap the words over a beat. The listener who guesses the book wins a prize!

Vote below: