Producer David and Pageant Queens

David Youmans

David About Town: Pageant Queens Talk about Summer

Producer David went to the Miss Georgia Pageant and got summer tips from pageant queens.

June 24, 2016

Producer David went to the Miss Georgia Pageant in Columbus last weekend, so he talked to pageant queens and wanted to get some of their advice. With summer just getting started, he got tips from those pageant queens competing at Miss Georgia on what to do when going to the pool or going out this summer.

Some of the tips he got from the pageant queens are:

  • Use waterproof mascara and makeup at the pool so your makeup doesn’t run off.
  • Keep your hair light and fluffy with sprays so you can be Becky with the Good Hair.
  • Don’t wear sunscreen IN your moisturizer if you want good pictures.
  • Place your feet in the shape of a T when taking pictures to make your legs look longer.
  • To get the perfect smile in your selfies and pictures, pretend you’re biting an apple and that will set your mouth into the best smile.

For the complete set of pageant queen tips for the summer, listen below!