Love at First Sight

Ghost Hunting: Jason is Searching for Hunter

Jason met a girl, Hunter, over the 4th of July weekend and hasn't heard from her. So he wants Jeff and Jenn's help in finding her.

July 12, 2016

UPDATE: Jason met Hunter over the 4th of July weekend and gave her his number, but he hasn’t heard from her. So, Jeff and Jenn called her to see what the deal is. She said she remembers meeting him and he was nice, but she has a boyfriend and he was on one of the boats. So she wasn’t sure how to respond. She gave him the real number because she’s not good at making things up or lying. She thought he would get the hint if she didn’t respond, but she didn’t mean to be weird.

UPDATE 2: Jason was listening the whole time Hunter talked about how she already has a boyfriend, but Jason isn’t convinced. He said the chemistry they had out on the pontoon was electric, and that her boyfriend could be one of those who checks her calls and texts. And Jenn starts to agree with him! She thinks it’s weird that Hunter gave him her REAL phone number instead of a fake one, so Jenn thinks he should try one more time.

Ever met someone you instantly had a spark with? Our listener Jason met Hunter over 4th of July weekend and hasn't been able to stop thinking about her since. They exchanged numbers and he's reached out -a couple times- but he hasn't heard back from Hunter yet. Jason's reaching out to us now to see what's up. Is there a connection and why hasn't she responded?