Ghost Hunting

Justina Pierce

Ghost Hunting: Where's Darren??

Monica is looking for her former co-worker & mentor Darren. He went off to vacation and when he came back he stopped responding to Monica. What happened?!

July 19, 2016

UPDATE: We found Darren, and just like we thought he was avoiding Monica! Darren's wife found some messages on his computer, and she wasn’t too pleased. Darren wants to respect his wife wishes, so he had to stop talking to Monica. Happy wife, happy life right?  He wants Monica to know she’s a wonder woman and there are no harsh feelings towards her.

Well, Monica didn’t take his words to kindly. She dissed his wife calling her insecure and fat! Talk about a low blow! Monica are you sure it was just a “frien​dship”?? 

Monica reached out to us after her friend, & former co-worker, Darren ghosted her after he got back from vacation. Um, rewd! Monica told us Darren got back a month ago and since then he hasn’t responded to any of her messages… but he’s posting on social media so she knows he’s alive. Umm, rewd-er! Jeff asked if there’s any reason Darren might not be reaching out, like his wife doesn’t like their relationship or something?! Monica says she’s met the whole fam & she has a boyfriend, so it’s nothing like that, she just wants to know what’s up. Yo, Darren. Where you at?!