Ghost Hunting Aaron hunting Tiffany

Ghosthunting: Aaron Searches For Tiffany

Aaron & Tiffany went out on one date & then she ghosted him, what happened?!

August 30, 2016

Aaron went out on a date with his co-workers daughter Tiffany and says they had a good time. So why did Tiffany ghost him after the date and why is Aaron's co-worker acting distant now? 

We talked to Tiffany and got the 4-11 on why she ghosted Aaron. Talk about dodging a dirt bag bullet.

We caught up with Aaron who heard Tiffany's side of the story & he wasn't happy with what she did. 

Now we're wondering, who actually dodged the bullet - Aaron or Tiffany? Jeff thinks Aaron dodged it and Jenn thinks Tiffany. Our phone lines flooded with listeners calling in to tell us, Team Jeff or Team Jenn?

No shortage of opinions from our callers today! Even more calls came in to say if Tiffany was in the wrong or if Aaron was to blame. I think Team Jeff might have won today.