Kelly's Letter To Jeff

A year ago today Jeff wrote an anonymous letter to a friend. His message weighed heavy on someone in our Jeff & Jenn show family & today she finally wrote Jeff back.

July 28, 2017

One year ago, Jeff wrote a powerful letter to an anonymous friend, but what you didn't know at the time was that this friend was a member of the Jeff & Jenn Show. The beauty of this letter though, is that it reached so many others in similar situations, and told them it's okay to need help, and it's okay to be honest about what they're going through. He also gave everyone a powerful reminder that they are strong and worthy of love, no matter what they've been through. 

You can find last year's segment here:

His letter was for our very own Kelly Cheese, and throughout this past year she was able to realize her situation, find a way out, and now she's finally here with a letter of her own for Jeff. 

If you or somebody you know is in a potentially dangerious situation and you don't know how to find help, please call 1-800-33HAVEN and somebody will be there help you. You are not alone.