Send A Thank You To Our Local Linemen And Women!

Our local linemen and women are the real heroes of the Irma aftermath and we need your help to say thank you!

September 15, 2017

We, along with some of our listeners, think it’s about time we say thank you to our local linemen for restoring power and helping out everyone affected by hurricane Irma this week. Mail a letter and follow the Facebook page to help us out!

Each letter received will be given to a local Georgia lineman to show them how much their hard work is appreciated. For the past week we’ve heard countless stories about long shifts, sleepless nights, and linemen who just haven’t stopped working. We want to give them the attention they deserve and would love your help!

Amber is the leader behind this generous movement and she brought this cause to our attention, she joined us on-air today to tell us all about it!

Letters can be mailed to the following address: 

Thank A Lineman

PO Box 634

Suwanee, GA 30024

Check out their facebook page for more info: