Delivery Room

Step Dad in the Delivery Room?

Matt called in needing advice because his wife wants her stepfather in the delivery room but he's not so sure about it.

June 24, 2016

Matt called with a question that sent our listeners into a tail spin this morning! Matt's wife is pregnant and recently told him she wants her step-father in the delivery room with them when the baby comes. Matt isn't sure how he feels about it and we had no idea what he should do, so we turned to you. We thought our listeners would 100% tell the step-dad to step-back but, surprisingly, we got mixed reviews.

One listener told us she felt pressured to have her mother-in-law in the room and was SUPER uncomfortable.  While another listener encouraged it & told us her dad was in the room & helped coach her through the delivery.

Nurse Summer gave us a stern "No!" & said doctors prefer not to have too many people in the delivery room. For the most part, we agree. The two people who made the baby should be the only two in the room. But hey, whatever works right?! Just keeping pushing through it. (Lol, see what we did there?)