Are You in the Loop? Thursday, June 6

Everything you need to know, and probably a few things you don't!

June 6, 2019

A D-Day vet's song is number 1 on Amazon right now.

The song is ranked high than Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. Check it out HERE.

Deployed Georgia soliders are returning home early.

Most of Georgia's 48th are coming home almost two months early! Check out the full story HERE.

Luke Bryan admitted to a tattoo at the CMT awards.

He finally admitted to his tattoo... located on his rear. Full story (and photos of him on the red carpet) HERE.

A North Carolina man won the powerball with fortune cookie numbers!

The man won $344 million from his fortune cookie numbers. Full story HERE.

Atlanta woman found glass in her water.

The woman found shards of glass in her water from an airport restaurant. Full story HERE.

Tyler Perry responds to billboard.

An Atlanta woman posted a billbaord asking Tyler Perry to hire her for a role in one of his films. He responded on Facebook. Check it out HERE.