Everyday Heroes: A Father's Special Song

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August 7, 2019

Your Everyday Hero is a Dad from Forsyth County. His name is Troy Griffith, he’s a mortgage broker, and his daughter, Lily, has down syndrome. Troy is not a professional singer, but he decided to record a song to honor Lily and all families who have children with special needs. 

Troy says, “I wanted to share my love for Lilly with the world and showcase what families with special needs go through every day." The song is called “Ten by Twelve” and Troy originally recorded it in Norcross at Aratek Recording Studio. 

Next, the song started gaining some attention and with that momentum, Troy has new recorded it at Martina McBride’s studio in Nashville! He’s recorded a music video too that includes Lilly, her classmates and Troy’s entire family. Troy’s next steps are to get the song on iTunes and use the profits to benefit people with special needs. What an awesome Dad! Troy Griffith, you are our everyday hero!