Everyday Heroes: Giving Back to Georgia Teachers

Local businesses are stepping up to help our teachers, and you can help too!

July 23, 2020

Your everyday heroes are Denise Carleton and her team at the Teachers Reuse Exchange in Forsyth County. They make sure teachers have the supplies their students need for the upcoming school year! They do it by using valuable reusable resources. They collect materials from local businesses and individual people – things like unwanted by-products, over stocks or business rejects. The Teachers Reuse Exchange turn these into a school supply shop for Forsyth country educators, full of new and gently used classroom supplies – totally free!

It’s even tougher for families right now because of the results of COVID – lost jobs and income mean students don’t have what they need.

If you or your business could help, they are looking for items like containers, baskets, white boards, Games, puzzles, pens, markers, erasers, headphones, paper, notebooks, and calculators just to name a few!


For stepping up to serve families and teachers for back-to-school, Denise Carleton, Executive Director and her team at the Teacher Reuse Exchange in Forsyth County are your everyday heroes.