Everyday Heroes: Love Local

Show your community support front-and-center with these local-made T-shirts!

May 1, 2020
Your every day heroes are Dave Marsden and the team at embroidery.net, an apparel company in Cumming, GA! 
This team is creating t-shirts to give back to small businesses in our local community, in a program called Local Love! Dave explained to Jenn & Friends that they were inspired by a customer named Jordyn who reminded them of the famous quote by Mr. Rogers, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." 
So Dave and his 12 member team at Embroidery.net decided the best way they could help is to do what they have done everyday for 15 years - print t-shirts.  The staff picked a few of their favorite local restaurants and asked if they would participate in a t-shirt project where money is donated directly to their business - and Local Love was launched!
They sell locally branded tees for $25 and donate $20 of each shirt back to the business. Dave says it has been so exciting and completely overwhelming to see how the community has supported their favorite restaurants or organizations. In the first two weeks they sold 361 tees and donated more than $7,000 back to the community. Now they have more than 30 local businesses involved, printed more than 1,000 shirts and the donation totals are up to more than $20,000. One business used the money to help pay their employees, while another used the donation to pay their electric bill. The response from business owners and their loyal customers has been heart warming and has reassured Dave and his team that we are in fact, in this together.
You can purchase of these inspiring LOVE LOCAL t-shirts at embroidery.net or find the Link on star941atlanta.com 
David Marsen and the embroidery.net team in Cumming - you are our everyday heroes!​