LOCAL Everyday Heroes: Aurora Day Camp

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July 31, 2019

My Everyday Heroes are Gregory Hill, Maria Myler and Sami Tanenbaum, the team at Aurora Day Camp! They realized that kids battling cancer often get separated from their siblings when it comes to activities and summer camps, which creates an even bigger divide between brothers and sisters. 

One has to be at the hospital a lot and gets extra attention from their parents, while the other sibling is sent off to a typical camp, further dividing their summer experiences. As a Mom of a cancer survivor, I have seen this play out with my girls at our home. That’s why I love this concept at Aurora Day Camp. The founders started the only Georgia full-day summer camp for children with cancer and their siblings who are in active or follow up treatment… and it is FREE!  

Sami Tanenbaum, the director of camp and year-round programs, says, “We’re in an incredible, fortunate position where brothers and sisters can come with their brother or sister who might be sick, so not only are their friendships that are forged between siblings again who might feel a little bit disconnected because they haven’t had the opportunity to be together as much, but also camper to staff and camper to camper.” 

And here’s the part that will make you (and me!) cry happy tears… they don’t tell the camp counselors who has cancer and who doesn’t! 

Gregory Hill, the executive director, says “On the front end of it, it’s a traditional day camp and that’s the magic of it, kids can be kids here. And they don’t have to be defined by the cancer that they are going through, an extraordinary circumstance in their life. We want to them to just be here and have fun.”

For all you do to serve kids, the Aurora Day Camp team are my everyday heroes! 

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