RealiTea With Redhead Rachel

Spilling the tea on reality TV!

June 18, 2019

The Quick Return of Luke P. 

Our local love Luke P. was sent home after not getting a rose on his one-on-one date with Hannah. But after a brisk walk in the woods, he decided to open up with the most awkward scream of affection ever. Yikes. No rose, but no plane ride home for Luke... yet. 

He Said, He Said

Before the rose ceremony, Luke P. and the rest of the bachelors waste no time pointing fingers and talking in circles over who has said what to Hannah about who. Exhausting, yes. Unnecessary, yes. A very tired storyline? YES. Hannah overhears the guys fighting and sternly tells them through tears that they need to stay in their lanes and take the time to get to know her. That's the reason they're on this journey, right? Oh, and you guessed it: Luke P. gets a rose. 

Tyler C. 

He's so gorgeous. Just had to remind you. 

A Torturous Recap

As if this week's episode wasn't bad enough, ABC decided to fill the second hour with a best-of reel of the season while she simultaneously contemplates if she wants to keep looking for love. Hannah B. sits with Chris Harrison talking about the worst drama, funniest moments and best kissers. But there are only six epis- nevermind. The cherry on top: They're at the Bachelor mansion in California! This proves that it was filmed after she gave away her final rose, but we're supposed to believe that this was filmed mid-season. I'm not that easily fooled, ABC!