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Study: Forced smiles at customers makes retail workers wanna drink more

Survey results should surprise no one who's worked retail

April 9, 2019

When you work in retail, the "golden rule" is that "the customer is always right." We ALL know that's not true, and we ALL know that some folks - as customers - know they have that as a sort of cover to act as petty and entitled (and rude, too) to employees as they see fit. 

Now, a study's come out that shows that retail workers who force a smile and fake their way through a bright and cheery attitude externally have a greater likelihood of hitting the sauce when they get home.

Does this surprise anyone? Not this former grocery/big box retail grunt. 

The joint study, done by a team of researchers at Penn State University and the University of Buffalo, focused on the habits of those who routinely work with the public - notably retail, food service, hospital support and nursing as well as education - and concluded that people in those fields who suppress their ire or disdain, and instead force a brighter demeanor on their outside also had a greater penchant for going home to a bout of heavy drinking once off the clock. 

Wanna feel all scholarly? The study's here. Grab a bottle and read your liver, I mean heart, out.