Group Therapy


Group Therapy: The Accidental Text UPDATE

To summarize: Mark tried to fix things but made everything worse, and then he got lectured by an angry friend!
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Group Therapy: The Accidental Text

Mark's female friend sent him an inappropriate picture....was it just a mistake? Or is something going on?
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Group Therapy: The Longest Road Trip

He wants to throw the family in an RV and travel for a whole year! But she thinks he's out of his mind.
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Group Therapy: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Our listener needs your help! Is there hope for this on-again off-again relationship? Or does she need some tough love?
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Group Therapy: Summer Jobs

These parents disagree on whether their teenage daughter should get a job. Which do you think matters more, learning life skills, or enjoying your childhood?
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Group Therapy: Dating By Proxy UPDATE

Last week, Curtis took over Producer Beau's dating profiles. Turns out, neither of them have game. Can you help them out with some advice?
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Group Therapy: Collections You Never Wanted

What did everyone keep getting for you that you never asked for?
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Group Therapy: Manners Are Free

Are you allowed to discipline other people's kids? Or does Mark owe his neighbors an apology?
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Group Therapy: COVID Confusion

COVID's not gone yet, y'all! Dr. Darria joined us to answer your questions and clear up some COVID misconceptions as we head into summer.
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Group Therapy: Dating By Proxy

Can Curtis land a date...for Beau? He's taking over our Producer Beau's online dating profile, so let's hope so.
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