Group Therapy


Group Therapy: Honey, We're Pregnant!

What are some cute ideas to tell your husband he's going to be a dad?
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Group Therapy: Kissing During COVID?

Do you ask about COVID now before you go in for the first kiss?
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Group Therapy: Catching Up With Curtis

Did Curtis ever help his friends have a baby? ​With the last few months being as hectic as they've been, the show's taking time to give some updates on what people might've missed.
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Group Therapy: Dumbest Couple Arguments

What's the most ridiculous thing you've fought with your parter about?
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wedding dress

Group Therapy: Wedding Dress Juju

Is borrowing a wedding dress from a failed wedding inviting bad luck to your big day?
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board game

Group Therapy: Banning Board Games

We all know how quickly game night can turn ugly, so what happened to get Scrabble banned from your family?
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internet dating

Group Therapy: Going Back to Work

She found out her husband isn't really going back to the where is he going all day?
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sam collier

Group Therapy: "Together We Can Change This Country"

As protests sweep the nation calling for change, Pastor Sam Collier of North Point Ministries joined the show to discuss how we got here, and how we can move forward.
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Group Therapy: Too Soon To Go Out?

Mark Owens is ready to go out with his wife again! He misses days out, but she's not comfortable yet. Should she try to feel more comfortable? Or should Mark back down?
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Group Therapy: Memorial Day Update

Did Curtis get caught breaking a promise?
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