Group Therapy

Group Therapy: Quitting Smoking with Hypnosis

Curtis is trying to kick cigarettes to the curb for good. Hypnosis helped Jenn quit 10 years ago, so now we'll see if it can work for Curtis too!
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Group Therapy: I Don't Want A New Job

Would you judge your friend for wanting to stay unemployed instead of finding a new job?
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Dr. Darria

Group Therapy: Catching Up With Dr. Darria

Updates on COVID19, stories of Nurse appreciation, and some hilarious ER visit stories too!
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Group Therapy: Should They Stay Or Should They Go

Our listener is staying home with a friend who wants to break quarantine for a family event, how do they handle keeping everyone safe?
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Quarantine Couple's Court: Work-Out Buddies

What do you do when your only "me" time becomes "bonding" time?
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Group Therapy: The Emotional Vampire

Going back to work with the person who sucks all your energy? No thank you.
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Group Therapy: The Lying CEO

What would you do if you found out your boss lied about taking a pay cut?
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Group Therapy: Skills The Lockdown Taught Me

From ordering pizza to following recipes, a lot of us are realizing we're a lot less self-sufficient than we thought.
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Group Therapy: Pandemic Projects

We all had such big ideas for the projects we were going to do with all this time home! But did you finish it?
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Group Therapy: Georgia Set To Re-open Businesses

Listeners share their concerns and/or support regarding Governor Kemp's recent decision to re-open certain businesses.
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