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Bruno Mars - Would you rather?

Would You Rather with Bruno Mars!

How about a chance to see Bruno Mars perform LIVE at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris? Get all the details here .
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Artist Spotlight: X Ambassadors at Hangout Music Fest

Our own Kelly Cheese from The Jeff and Jenn Show got to catch up with JINGLE JAM artist X Ambassadors at Hangout Music Fest in May as their AMAZING year was just getting started. What was their biggest highlight from the weekend back then? Take a look…and click here to see them again in December!
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Sabrina Carpenter talks about her new album with Kelly Cheese!

You may have seen Sabrina Carpenter on “GIRL MEETS WORLD” on Disney Channel… but did you know, she’s singing her own music now too? Get the scoop on her new album from Kelly Cheese and Sabrina herself!
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VIDEO: Andy Grammer "Fresh Eyes"

Our good pal Andy Grammer just released the video for "FRESH EYES," and it'll bring a tear to your eye - and make you think about all those affected by homelessness too! Take a look.
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That moment when you text your friend...not your spouse

My wife and I have been corresponding via text all day, only to have one of my old friends chime in on something unrelated. And yep, I thought I was texting her back. And yep, he loves me back!!! (YAY!) (But will the City of Marietta come pick up our grill? Probably not ;-) ) -The Boss
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YOU asked and Chris Martin answered!

Jennie from Atlanta asked Chris Martin of Coldplay "What is your favorite charity?" and he answered!
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It could be worse... you could be 'Sad Affleck'

This video of Ben Affleck reacting to the news that Batman V Superman has not been well received... well it's winning the internet today. Video of Batman V Superman - Sad Affleck
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