It's Hot! Win Cold Star Cash!

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Let's face it.

It's HOT as HELL outside.

So we sat around and brainstormed ways to cool you guys down.

And all we could come up with is... COLD HARD CASH!

And an Echo Dot. That doesn't technically cool you down, but it's a "cool" device. See what we did there?

Be watching the National Weather Service's temperature report each day, and if it climbs above 90 degrees (by 5:00 pm), someone will win!

And it has to be from the National Weather Service... not going to believe the first person that calls up and says, "Hey! The temperature gauge on my shed says it's over 90!"

Listen for Kannon to ask you to call into 404-263-0941. Be caller 94, and you win an Echo Dot!

Each of those winners will be qualified to win $500 in COLD STAR CASH!

Good luck, and stay cool!

Stay cool in the temperature way, not the hippie way... or do both. That'd be awesome, too.