4 Words to Ruin a First Date Update

Wednesday, June 8th


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You have this show should really be called the jazz and chanting you shall because we can't do it without you. Lots of World War II 7419400. Is she going now before wind. The topic why is. Four words to ruin their first day they came up originally on the Internet and we made a phone tapping here on the radio show. Yesterday a lot of good feedback from my favorite part about in my view about the place where. Buddy of mine who wears in a radio production. Heard this statement that he listens to our show on line. Yes yes it seems. He used Justin Timberlake. Can't stop this feeling is the basis for a themes on this. Let's hope. I didn't integrates on an American town of this of the last immunities. Yeah this never yeah. You I should get up tomorrow. Got a shot. So we we did go through all the ones we got to outline of the past couple days and we made a top ten list that Kelly chief will present us. The top ten. Four words to ruin a first date is determined by producer Kelly cheese. New. Debt at face a number ten is. A lot of peoples of this and actually can you buy dinner. She Jackie's in his real ones yeah yeah number nine number nine I started without you. Can't imagine walking senior day Hillary yeah eating. He's here. Through either way it earlier said that. Never ate in less elegant during her time. I've been divorced twice and that's I know with this comment was that I was 24 that's a red flag the end of the prison favorite. Number seven and should you order salad. So I know. Lula insulting. It's. So bad number six. Carpet match the drapes. Seriously and the first. Can date. Any date relates unrated I'm guessing that that guy is. The one he started drinking early and I certainly yeah yeah yeah. And if you're asking that on the first day then you're never gonna know the answer that now and will. Number five are you wearing that. Oh late that close and and a girl told a story like they are on a movie and she dress tenants council and he's telling you intend to back down so they went home and action against him. Number four is an erratic. Stance and yet number three is technically I'm still married you bad and bad and ugly. Number two is man. Ex ex wife is my roommates so XX as my remaining us and men at number one is I voted for term. Hahn and. Now that. Hillary supporter you. And the problem is that too is that politics few things that shouldn't come up Jennifer's first day you have only that. I completely Kansas without killing you know that politics needed please just. She now. One.