All The Feels: Just Bakery of Atlanta

Tuesday, September 4th

This bakery is changing the game for refugees in Atlanta. 

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Nextel. Awesome humans doing. Drama in the world are. Only good news stories making you feel the. Scared let's doesn't send sounds just found big news today and of course has to do bigs of course it's. Yeah savior in the neighborhood. Of the Presbyterian Church memorial drive in stone amount. And if you might smells and delicious mess in the evening that's because there is a big grade. In the memorial drive presbyterian church and the bakery is staffed. By your refugees. Most of them who are fleeing to the United States because of violence in their home countries it's called it just bakery. It's a nonprofit. Whose mission. Is you've trained these refugees these new. Americans I know how to be very productive and and get a job and work in that the United States so. They bring him into the big greens they teach them how to bake. They are teach them how to run a store and then they send them off from the real world the problem is. Lot of people who come their work. Just wanna stay because its array. So they are growing and expanding they had to bakers and training when they started. By a sixty days later they had three more Baker's now today there are a total of seven. And there are currently interviewing for a retail sales any training manager. And they're gonna open a store front in Parker. China where we're gonna order are pastries I know they make all kinds of his staff and a bit of bagels and minerals bogeys. Pretzels wrinkles we've armed creator cheese. I mean breakfast parents. Sourdough bread of it's called just a bakery of Atlanta and kudos. Two the woman who started this whole thing we're dreamers are gamers dreamers are namely outlines Fareed she saw this in another city and brought to Atlanta. Just bakery of Atlanta. It feels story we need to know about senate tell us and we can keep spreading the good. Darn 81 Atlanta.