Blackmail Photo Albums Part 1

Friday, December 2nd


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I quick heads up that you wanted listings for the show this fat Monday morning if you let them Atmel. Other health catching balls. The hottest boy a hot as the way. Where we we got a got a game that sense and and how much are allowed to say. He had good memory between. Prizes like Mac books and gift cards that Macy's. It went down and hundreds of dollars in the act multiple. Them off right. Bidding wars. Without. Oh yeah more than one L cheese you make your way and it is not right you're on. This show the other day in general is talking about about something and it went down to attain is often. And we start talking Q Kelly she's. About. A picture particular picture that you are looking I'm looking for on her phone. And she admitted during that conversation. On this. A case of a black now hold her head back out I've straightened shot. Bunnies and buddies and chat like when your frenzy double tripled and sent out yes that yes screen shot on saving your blackmail folder for birthdays. They are they've us. She had paid. Older. On her phone of awful pictures if he. Hosts its Edgar ray and I know it's not as good of so we could of. We go to vote in here yesterday in nobody likes her I mean nobody else. Hey Chris I think that's fantastic. And so funny so you'd take these really bad photos of them are screened answer when Burton and on the person's birthday well yeah you are magnetic over tapper some low. More so like my favorite thing is to face anyone you're doing my triple ten days or like at dark phase we've got a funny filter on. A screen shot it. And then like Tuesday night at 10 o'clock I cajun and on vicinity and using in that room and if there is as they are now. As you are members at a screen shot of the year ago I've got one of Jeff on the post about arm arm jet engines have paid you do it RA. 4047419. Before. If you are in this scene is our club is at least the and you collect action pictures equals equals. Now let me. You said the person who whip your camera and your bar. Yeah. Caught fire and quietly. And I'm glad I don't dig into that's it let's say we go to lake a big you know holiday lunch here Elvis and that. Jet engine Asia we all go like eat some yes. Holiday everybody's indicted absolutely at lunch that everyone in yet GP the mean everyone is vulnerable tonight tactics. And somebody gets hammered it line each and falsely. A lot of definitely I'm not only am I gonna take a picture of that on the Osama owns that chat and hopes that one of you as a screen shot it in keeping your counsel. Why are you. 4047419400. If you would like to admit to doing as we close it and I'm basement yesterday and he did get a couple of comments maybe people might not be in that light. Talking about it's. And I got to own it. And I. I think need to be easier on you mean you have four Brothers and your account like there's some signs of either like teenage boy yeah and this is one of those sides and I found that actually lives said that on avert an in thing supposedly as the fifth or like when somebody gets a brand new job like hey remember this picture guys is there any new job with Dirk made youth that's ever think you can't. Money and noted their faces. When it. It filters it. And I don't wanna do it gives. There's still take a picture do America a phase of it that I got already a man I want to use make one right now line yeah. And that not alleged to have a big guy. I met imagine the yeah. How. Lauren welcome to the Asia. Hey yeah I. My idol and all I had a look at mile double. Yeah girls are not a luncheon attended all disappears. Yeah. Log into industry autos. That's part of CNN you don't give it a strange sound there is that time filter that you can put on the air some make it a 32 and they want our screens on audio or we play it and then street sense in the united. Truly dedicated to flatten it out. I'm Mallory welcomed an issue out. Any. I not keep him against them and the night imminent or not I'm rather extreme on the aisle 9 AM wrapped in an eight years. He's been out an album and open him entree that morning. And I had higher. I. I'll lose your limit his easy on. Although. Album I'd say yeah in any. Way. I then I have friends that stops now having me. That's a nice green Simon society and it fast because there. Thank you man saying. 404. 741. You for an is that number if you like to get allergies more ideas. What you can do with your your black mail folder that you go. Where he doesn't feel like you're we have hundreds. Turns on when you get to work and attend so consider row every hour on starting now before blind.