Blackmail Photo Albums Part 2

Friday, December 2nd


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Open championship. Turn O'Sullivan worked today to go home and keep him. Now back to Michelle on stunning. 841. You're twenty minutes away from all the jangled and that gets you need so if you got a lot of friends you wanna go to jingle jam I'm Sunday night. As many tickets as me if 45 great after 8 o'clock this morning. We're getting some instruction. I'll keep them how to have a black mail folder on your. Yeah and at night it's now I'm not an ancestral psychopath because dad called me this is because you send these college here she's item Meehan a group of friends we called it an American port you know and it's as it is weird ancestral torturers network. It's it's eerie it keeps people on their time. And yeah well you know way. You've reached next level status we mom doesn't think that's a wife Susanna. Tag and joining. I brag about Obama. I am I'm actually back I had my apple all of her children what you may have. She. Really critical of the exchange land and it went on. And when might they can't pick that she pulled out a video of me when I'll light maybe and is not an Alitalia and at my Shakira. And she got that out there for him. So yeah I didn't want to go anywhere anymore. Doesn't matter until that traditionally my kid like anything to build any really ill. Yeah I'm pretty pictures and videos anywhere they eat later on in your life I'm. I feel like yeah I'm sort of parental right of passage that I'll win the first boyfriend or girlfriend comes over your life. I told you why do you wanna see. Her taking a ban I think he should do. Got out of our oldest pitcher. Because they punched her in the swing wrong that I'll. Half throwing a complete temperate instrument of crying and I was like this other video camera and say this bank. While Tonya was he got a surging nine as specifically make it caught a black mail folder or funny basal or whatever you call. Label like that's valuing your when he had those opportunities what I eat is I am right there are having a bad day you just wanna laugh at other people's expense. Open up your black male or. Just on that means that Kelly might be more organized in torturing her friends and to isn't running in the hey. Zach welcome addition. Florida guy who'd do you have a full the full pictures. So mare I'm I'm the best man in my that's right well thank. My best friend Sharon says. Snap chat when she sends mixed batch out everything yeah are taken all of the money want to let that slide shut it got shut their wedding. Ask them. Well I think that's the most dangerous wrong thing at. All of my being here. Can you guys endorsed it on I know that that's a lot of natural brands. Does take that means again I've shared folder with me and my friends and all of our awful picture. Hold out of it back to the wedding late. It's your wedding. And their best man pops up it's screen with embarrassing photos of view I think O'Leary homeland it's now it's your wedding day. We'll still be red mesa while the. Melanie what's going on. All bull. Oh. Like on that age or. What your race and am currently may. You and Collins would be snows here to view I'm. I like. Age. And it. I. Airline carriers every bit as an alternate. Now it sounds yeah I am a. I've got my cut off all this. Adds I just don't like gawker it colony basement like lift their privacy offer them some iPhoto albums. When you had to be a college kid in Iceland has friends lose jobs that's share. And I Cheney can be the last collar used the teacher. My. Uncle teacher approached and when my kids I'm silence on your dad you know locked. Vacant and the camera. Maybe they have a field day and they really love to take pictures and you know hiding all the the button down and take Byrd and they take videos. My favorite time the most in payers seeing liner pretty embarrassing filter on it and post that into Graham passed away. Don't you regret that picture now. Hey that's it yeah yeah. We can now keep the conversation going on these regularly to give prodigies and the other ideas on how to be an ideal world you and me. The album is still my favorite. Peachtree City and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. To just enjoy and Shia on stellar no need for a long line.