Bridesmaid Bitch Line - May 19, 2016

Thursday, May 19th


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Thanks for being bombarded and the job selling. Any more water. Yeah. Today. EL. I'm bass yeah to my list content I don't downs tomorrow. And yeah. And I guess there's people listening to this to enjoy the messages every week. And have wedding related to rights but they're thinking I could never call. So you can't I don't wanna be a part of that junior followed you'll get freshen him enough that you'll think about it now or pass it along lake. Its share of the number the more messages we gave them more fun it is for 87725. Bragged and don't be afraid. It's good it's cheaper than there are things that make you feel. I hate being in the weddings for a couple of reasons. But saying you know sitting in the letting can be an incredibly difficult situation. I am so frustrated because I've spent all her 80800. Dollars. 2000 dollars. On the girl let me back I've got all that different than she has like six different event before the actual wedding yeah and I showed up and I. Paid my dues and I feel like and then in my hand what eight I are shrieking of one of the that they did and I'm Catholic so regretting that I. He came right maker. Now. Austin and I'll Holler your. Filming it it. It I don't invite. Horror mr. Hume I away. You're going. My entire. You're white sorry honey. It simplest one you want it. I have no word lord and you're throwing. It didn't even a problem. All right. Here. Villa coming. Now is to leave that there for a minute loop hole at all. Bask in the glow that one can take a second a process that I'm gonna save that one and if anything happens dramatic. Honor about my weddings and a display that backing away at least this is happening. I I'm made of honor my friend like me and I like me in charge. That all my bright main charges trying one at democracy and like yeah. And I think there needs in the respect for the maid of honor there in the major problem. I still think the. I find my things bill oh Lorena. The ads are being religious ones which like one out as you are. And it's all night got even worse when you are not religion and eagle partner and let singularly about hanging. And you're you're going along at that end at her. I say hey pat. Eccentric Jewish buddy actually you know any time that economic shared my tremor around it. The fact that he religion are you heard the word. She thinks I'm. I think Catholics are out of the Jews Iran. It went to finish. Yeah. 87725. Bride saved a number putting your round. He tends. We will use its we'll be very pleased if you use it and use it frequently.