Calls on Pokemon GO Support Group

Wednesday, July 13th


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I am happy for law and thanks for waking up when jab again. Yet here so we gotta do it here's here's the plan can it. We got it there's got to be an advertiser on this very icy and as I can write. Nice that we got again it. Some cases of energy drinks. And we just got to stand that man sorry for one man out sued the pokey. At like ten via. And we just get a bunch of cases energy drinks a lot of cases of water. Some some thought you know this. Picked me man. But it but it's like it's it's it's survival. Treats just keep adventures will bags. Yeah. On. I don't think it's great needs in field. Honestly but I mean if their money from me native Korean but they have jobs that's our work throw accurate oh yeah yeah. We're right now. A lot of anger on that moviegoers. Out there and here's the plight. I down. For utility's wires that we have a balance and hit Tiffany good morning. Emerald isle idea how long have you been out today. Adamant that no far how would you do for a living in the solar. I'm actually. Eight counts glared at me. In can't stop and I actually creaky teacher Alex getting back in the end of July that. I'm happy or property and I wake up bit where they're at right cute kids that are four and almost. And well what he'd yet to get them to sitters or some like that. And yet I don't have them on to their hitters and actually adamantly now well get a bit stressed. Eat breakfast on the way and catch what you mine around Dallas empire and an outlook drop them off and that out of my way at all. And at fort you wait wait Q2 year old. Woman at. I have old arch and still be measured in months. And you're not eat it human. I. How many Montague got. Went. And then that's how our. And in. Actually have like that. And now and expecting about one at what all explain. You know and you can cat then they need to collect there will be handed me. You get involved and you grow up their power. And it went nicely at its. You know I have real babies that need to grow up I I. And Arnold. And. Good morning she and mining are you close to close the inspired. And. I work around where there's a lot of the pit stop and get your day. Two of the book about Scott or got them. About 430 and I found else where replied oh I ask Matt talked about at least early I'll work early and Toby I'm. Hot hand and do we explain again and today Kelly achieves what it means to have allure on a pokey stuff. Yet been. Thought he collects up and then blurred like it will bring more poke mind around that area. So they don't meet retired at that time. And target dot. Indelicate Oakmont around. How do you put a lower on the I think games you act. It now it's something it's an item you can get and then. Attack it and took it up there like help other people and for yourself. OK I told. Easy Shannon and funny where we're where we are playing that sonic told Jane that last night I've wanted to. To capture a few more but with in bad. So I just listen in cents and she literally thought that I live in cents on nine nights I table thinking that the phone would think that's true. Bring Otto he let you know it's I mean since. I'd dean and Hiram. She. How are you we're while our yeah I read it to figure out why shaping cart yeah. Would you. I electric parking. You what are you. You do it. All the cartoons. You get points and apparently have to collect them into points and everything else. Okay. What are get sucked into it are. Now yeah now. I think there's an interesting psychological perspective here right and there's a lot of bad things going on in the world. And this is a perfect distraction for human am great I know I I would love some psychotherapist to analyze this huge trend sweeping in nations like. Nobody wants to watch the news nobody wants to read about political arguments on face that no vote for president and all people. On. Maggie you can be last Altman back. And. Well I've been playing for a fourth day now but my mom and let that game yesterday can't. And he had about it he met Pokemon nagging in the three hours that we played. At. I. Just I bet. Like I really didn't have much less populated area and he. I was out here that think tank and now like that why don't I. Well where what what what part of the town apparently needs. Ally and that's my hand and I would argue over my mom is over and got it just they have something over a month for dinner and. Also learn it'd be yeah. But I didn't poking around bringing families together and then went that sour but I'll. Right chief detective because she spent time with mom now. Finding against what what would those kids beat you with a B we've mom talking stuff the thing. Wait a month and ignorant that it's men and breakfast together in the cars that drive thru like looking at. I want when these guys with these changes down the athlete representative. It. The hat yeah. Dumb expletive whale we carry giving. Our. And her. That he. And John still are ready for a one.