Corporate Speak

Wednesday, August 3rd


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Everybody's got one of those people in the office. Usually. A manager. But everybody's got. We're talking about. Mr. enormous. Corporate. Circle back. In the loop. And out. What do I mean I've got to all here show here's here's what we wanted you I need to respond. Art corporate speak camping corporate speak here in the building is our boss Tony. And he does I hate himself but he can't stop doing I've been rough honey I wrote back to him yesterday and read you this email and I wrote back to him yesterday and said. I don't know if your emails to meet or did you. Because there aren't that bad wait I read this team and OK so. It had an episode of office so what I would like to do is if you have a line of corporate speak. I would like to compose an email back to tell me. It's just filled with corporate speak. I need you or freezes for 047419400. Will compose this again there. I'll compile it all in one email and I will it. So if you used on or if your boss uses one are all the time that Jersey in its. Please share now you can't use any of these diseases this is I sent him an email asking him. About they are under about it the eight. For an upcoming event that's out. I sent him when the person today. And then we go back import wave maybe half dozen questions if that is where that I get this are you ready Manning. This is the one right responded with I don't know if you're joking. OK this is what we're all gonna respond to attack. Let's not open the door to widely. Of that. And being fat fat fat without over the spirituality that. But let's get all of our ducks in a row all that and lined up. And our guys kept the cats out over the door to widely would that. But let's get all of our ducks in a row. Lined up. Now that before continue reading it we study the sentence ducks in a row lined up. And. You heard corporate cleaned your doubles speaking corporate fleet and the. Greg and Tim are you joking and. Let's open the door to edited out of that collar doubts and Roland Michael and I will keep plowing through. On the final details. Will have you staff on Friday will loop UA and if anything's changed. That's real emails sent by a real human being. All out of love Tony Tony loves that I think you need to understand that going into it is that. We have a great relationship with ams a week and tease him. Everything I can't he's. Some about the FOK. And by the way. This email arrived in the shadow of an email that he stands talking about a Phishing email communications. Legitimately sent an email and said hey here's how to communicate effectively via email. Any sends this jumble of ducks in a row lined up and I like. Are you joking with a. Okay I'm gonna take notes on all of these so we can write a really good corporate speak reply. Shea and Marianne. Add text here to that conversation. Perfect that's going to be efforts like Tony would like adds some texture to this Texas or not this fun. On texture to this conversation OK it's you've got to thank you say you got to hear loud and right thank you you've got to do stuff like you gotta talk about. Things that are right. Is that low Hank we have to answer infection of the conversation. And grabbed the right low hanging fruit at. Now. 40474194. So funny. Because it's a me and everybody. There are an important posts a good reason is posts and he's the question we ask you screen grab their corporate office. Yes had both on our FaceBook page but I put add music created. Collage. Corporate speak collage. Nice oh. This circle back is big right circle back and that somehow. And circle back. It didn't use touch base touch bases get in touch based on the circle back touch bases again and my Jackman change. A oh yes and corporate speak. I did you bring it. Which are corporate speak out. I'm so we are all about like she used to saying like that in the park and watched every bit later wrote yeah. Later it'll really get we'll put this in the bread line revisited later that. Yes and also you know the worse not a lot imaginary her he's now he's making words and Tony hasn't got an app yet. Our campaign Swann me. They don't see at least they need to be out of balance sheet it. Came sheet of music ever have a Tony does play piano let's get me to be is a terrific you know us. Marquette thank you so much. And easily and fade. Let I am well it's dry. Home that's good. Buried. Into their love and who says that in agreement and at. What happens in my real name I cannot think you animated investors saying that they cannot drive and drive audience around I'm Lindsay let's start around this out how we gonna and the email that Tony. Let it and then let's put a pin and it encircled by this where he gets circle back but it hit it pin and it and circled back. A perfect day. Before we dragging answer mound before re trying to answer that had answer home. An edge here you know signs you let's that soffit Nazis you loved. And then I made UPS and Scott will be the PS witty. Our rule are all. Pool our thoughts yet but will Arafat that's cool are thoughts that. We're just spit balling here her. A few minutes. I thank you Melissa with sticks the law yeah yeah I've. Guys. At. Any forward.