David About Town Episode 2

Thursday, April 7th


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Or one. Producer David headed out to fun city market with a very simple question for those of you in Atlanta it was just a little riddle. But it didn't seem like anybody could quite get there. No I think it was a lot harder than everyone else anticipated. It was just a children Israel really. John's father has three sides snap crackle and. Who now will admit that when you presented this on the show. Yesterday I paused. Two allowed Jiang to answer it can tell you knew there was a trend there so when he saved riddle why you have to go ready treasurer Eric. And when you say snap crackle everybody of course wants to say pop because Chris Christie's but then you have to think. Say it again. John's father has three sons snap crackle and Xeon job. Got it so I paused pretty simple diet jammed out about it and answered. The folks should they would punt city market and Sunday afternoon on Sunday afternoon didn't did not have is much like is poised and an overnight as Smart as I was just kept them out. Dunn's mother has three sons. Snap crackle and can you say that it. And John's father had three. Now back we'll. John's father has three sons. Snap crackle and pop. Then again John's dad has three sons snap crackle and pop. Pop John's dad has three sides that Pacman yeah. I. Yeah I heard competence Dan that's great gap pop. The other reason you want to connect to is because some people use the word pop for father. And easy John's father. It's are also and you bring connects to pop you can yeah. And it's about LA that that's why they're little as like another church almost another trick to there's so many layers to definitely. Students and David is very very deep. John's father has three sons. Snap crackle and they end. Don's mother has three sons. Snap crackle and John's father has three sons. Snap crackle and make sure that it's hot. I love that you followed identical every time are you sure there's a lot of our I gave them every opportunity to change their answer let's don't really think about it. And he still didn't get it and it's subtle but as you go through that day and we've been more more of these clubs the are you sure that it's pop gets more and more condescending. The results I literally vampire guy in Livermore and I Dell our idea I was like are you sure you are you wanna get a different answer like come on we can do this together a couple of NetApp when you're not like they did Smart out there are paid. You'll get the. All right Dan has three sons snap crackle and pop. You leave the snap crackle and pop. John's dad has three sons snap crackle and pop it Dunn's mother has three so. Snap crackle and all. That is wrong. There has at least now. I didn't. The.