Did We Just Ruin TWO Marriages?

Thursday, August 24th

Erin thinks we TOTALLY messed up during yesterday's VaJury, and she's on with us to make us understand.

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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah yeah shell ol' ball. Yesterday we can dean be the jury. And for Jerry delivered aid forever it's as bad the man you called us was concerned he had high. Dixie personal trainer who was too hot. And his wife had an issue event. But he thought it was a great because it was his friend's wife it was less expensive she does come into his office to train him thoroughly other reasons and of the jury heard his case. And deliver them a verdict that he could keep the smoking hot trainer. They're big Jerry if you don't know our am figured out is a panel of all when Maine. Who held mainly. Deal with is. Issues that they might now be able to wrap our heads. Is women are little more complex and we can listen to hold saying sort of get. It's our complex filters and then deliberate decision and it was it was close to his for the dead the jury yesterday was seven people and was a Ford three split that's. He can stick with the trainer that he asked well Jenna and I got a message yesterday. From one woman. Who is so upset that we allowed that the verdict to be revealed on the air. Because she says that wife his intuition and bad things are gonna come from that and that blood will be on its. Blood will be on our hands she definitely says she always trust a woman's intuition. And I don't disagree with her why it's. I really feel like she might change my vote I might be that jurors that as a flip flop or she joins us raid after 8 o'clock this morning so if you have strong opinions. About the value of woman's intuition one way or the other. You're gonna need to join us I mean what about ten minutes from now right when we. It's Pearson was that my uncle thing was basin trust. That trust conversation came up and I was like. You know he's trustworthy guy he's never given her any reason not to trust any got a base your relationship and that says going down that route. Intuition they would come in debate yesterday I think you would have had an had his tone and different. You know how he and Alex sleazy time. And the night this is amazing here is we're gonna get it right we'll get into it and it. I heard the jury delivered. The verdict yesterday and one listener says we've made a grave mistake we must reverse it. We hear from her she couldn't give the wrong advice. He said hey we're going to route to marriage isn't that we will have blood and I. Yes they own dramatic. I'm she says women's intuition as well. Oil are thicker than a second high tomorrow at this time I had a challenge for all of us JP you Canada company you're gonna do. Why won't be a challenge for him now. I was the first three back to college the first full week for all schools right is this week so tomorrow we're gonna and the show by sharpening a beer ads. Knowledge knowledge knowledge knowledge Jen was the last tried that one time when I was at Florida say an IE. Don't think it went well calories less and Shaq and there I never have mantra I'm never an. And so he never done it I think you'll like the it tutorials on insert him about it she'll learn how not to do and. So bad and I say hello and airing an eighteen Nick Jones pre K and welcome to the show. I had a old you are not happy with us today. Now I. I thought well we are equal opportunities and and so guys. Florida Florida we don't wanna hear from because what Jeff was telling me earlier. I think I might change my vote because what you're saying about women's intuition. Absolutely yeah I'd go. I think we just kinda is adds. We got told that I did yesterday and it just totally stupid. And so yeah I don't know why it thinking that there something going on recommend this trainer at the their. I'm single economic women sport or not they're going to be. Today they did know each other so. And supplemental that did Jerry's the verdicts yesterday when we heard from. This guy who wanted to keep smoke and I'm trainer his wife had an issue with and that she hadn't brought that issue to him she'd just been talking on the phone with her sister about it he overheard it. Write to us what I'd you don't have to fire the hot trainer. Yeah trainer. Talking about he's not not telling him about it. And Cher about her opponent or comes to. You how women's intuition and the most powerful. Inaugural prayer and it and we did not need Clinton to her and diet I want to hurt him break that you merited by telling and eaten that. So our. Why is the most powerful force in the universe. But there's a fine line between intuition and insecurity correct re rank because. Yesterday the reason that the vote verdict went the way that it did was because we were talking about trust doesn't she have to trust. Her 'cause then. There read. The structure out of commission stressed she can beat the heat and maybe she doesn't understand. Like how powerful about it yet but she's yet and it is speaking it appeared in a. Why you so passionate about. But what what happened you. You think his personal yeah. How nothing ever happened to listen to my intuition. I have to. Follow what what Kirk I have you know what I try to keep in that situation that I should I'm glad somebody and and they're they're they're going on between. Women and some other women and he shouldn't be out there. Are you married the now I'm not at a point Brad. As a team and he respect to your intuition. Absolutely I didn't I didn't get to hear it out and I I live in what I want to get married either. There was something going on with him that the other hottest that and when the fire. And so. And so yeah wipe out the guy who actually tracked my intuition. Gotcha all right. Did you ever get proves he really was with the assistance. Well I think she still works there and they'll no doubt. Clearly it. You can't see I didn't get that from the guy yesterday and I tell my intuition and sets off especially when we're talking sooner the phone. Based on their town. And patty says something that would have led Simpson saying yeah I mean she's a really hot and I'll like her voice and I like the way she looks but he constantly to implement that right because his wife said it is like yeah I mean and she is a good looking woman is she anti. I'm glamour thank my he'd. To win back multiple times talking about how his wife had a great body the reason he won again the save was trying to keep up with his wife she can't bringing him back to her and I feel like if he wasn't doing met them my intuition wanna comment on this as a terror are. We each I honestly legal why are we completely glossing over the fact that Aaron ended her engagement. Because her boyfriend wouldn't fire a woman's. Here's the thing I think parent's point of trust your gut. Is really true life. I mean she might not have had proved she might have forgotten proof but I do believe that we have those gut instincts for a reason don't you know. We trust your gut on things when you don't trust you got did you get mad at yourself for not doing yet. Yeah I think you ever gone back on yeah girl you mean like a month again yeah. Yeah. I for. 404263094. Line is. Our phone number and can you handling this I just a couple of minutes. Yes we're sure and we are about I spoke I thought I. I think her dad is she can hang out to teens not to be very sick person out. I always say it's gonna be our friend Whitney in Smyrna right she is called out she wants the first crack at Aaron. 4042630941. Erin calls women's intuition the most powerful force in the universe. Is that an accurate statement she might be pretty soon. Obvious that it's ratings agency. James Young still are ready for a one. We just China's parent and John Street has an issue within the verdict that was delivered yesterday Aron. Gonna give us like a little thirty seconds recap of how you feel on the morning. Right yeah I guess I think. I us. You know that. Women's intuition is the most important thing and live with you day telling us that guy yesterday said he will eat hot trainer even though it wife had an uncle that I think that was. It's terrible it's terrible. That'll ask essentially acted as women we know it says what are they are all right now you know. Wow that's a bold one right there were always right out I've sluggish Howard this. You receive your. Zimbabwe's trying to find a way some are without him. Its direction and intuition to totally different things. It's our favorite in Smyrna want to shout hey. Okay. Straight or hurt our party and I think I'll bet you're XY and have ever. Because. So your diet acorn suit pocket person there's you know it's actually act. Action because that after about a lot of things. I'll always in my head and. I don't need because I try my. Pretty close yeah otherwise I should tell I don't think. She did something. They're not either or. How they're not that we're gonna try no. Com and they performed within the bag on the and I look I just don't like it comparable you have the right direction you. Tacitly I'm trying to like that let the cat you didn't really. Allow. The economic outlook and that's happened between one and if so you'll be apart from the actual car. Because he wanted to her. My dad does that let. West Point and the planet is he was calling because he was concerned. About his marriage so that means she suggests an even more again. This concern yes I am. Are you concerned about the they're even though a camera at something happened there. How many seats in Hampton. Yes you know I. I thank you heritage and it's and it's obsolete now how when and elation at how they try and we have. Or read and an accurate opinion Argentine European commission on. And I had learned our ways it into north intuition and act on if you got it. I warned it would in my lyrics for the longest because I had no pearl now look at them I had had been low as interior cheap. And it's exactly and that's we will live cooking Indian he'll need to ignore my integration. Actually if I had lived until it. You can start to carry out the worst of the. Zach and I thank you down anything. Christie and I in Lawrenceville. I. Did it into a particular woman's intuition and warming would be. That definitely won't be you think you've been insecure and not hard at all but. Humid here yeah they are your what do enduring an odd it hit. The south and aren't really gone to the and actually have loved a woman cranky like what including a woman into a bad yeah. To thank you for CNET Aaron I wanna ask you say you currently have a boyfriend. I don't yeah I do he's he's seniority intuition yet. Absolutely. I mean I've I've met all the when in his life and if I don't. You know get a good vibes from it from them and are like. Even together I feel weird about it and didn't even more I I common I'd come yeah they're no different than they're so backed. You called the lid. You cop UConn wouldn't you call the one minute you call your boyfriend. Now like other women eat it or not right on the I can't you know they're not going to be in my record anymore really. There are some peace and keep my distance I did you about boyfriend he asked where it is I think it's great I've I sound. Aron reviews from role playing in a second avenue regional hold on okay and it's. So well. Chili cheese and we combatant within you to play the role of a girl that she is calling to break operates. I am sorry I think I have let him co worker. Any truth is JPM madame I'm ready to. I JP picked out a a special song why do dedicated to Aron and that is dedication and the longer we Casey case himself old school dedication perfect so here's a little something for you Aaron. From your friends here at the Jeff intention start before one could this election JP thank you. You know split. Big girls don't cry and star in 941. If you just joining the show were about to do a little bit of drama exercise was promised we'll be observed. I scaring me. Called us because she passionately disagree to where that leaves a verdict yesterday to allow. John I think his name was I to allow John to keep. Working out with his very physically attractive personal trainer. Even though his wife had some concerns about it yet Aaron maintains that women's intuition is the most powerful force in the universe. She says trust your gut and I don't disagree with that. But then she just explain to us that she calls the women in her boyfriend's life event feminine she gets a weird gut intuition. She cuts that woman out of his life so should so work clearing Aaron you break up with the woman on behalf of your boyfriend. I would essentially get coworker something. Woman mean they can't do it popping colors aren't as he cannot work well with that anymore. And it acts. Is this. Now consider wherever I look what would you say and if he did the same thing you. Or did he says and I'll handle it the way you and JP your friends you gotta get JPM elect or would you sang. I wouldn't that they get things added that my intuition is starter and I make responsible for this out. He wouldn't you know. So we didn't play a game cause. Kelly is your boyfriend's fronts. Okay. I would like you to have a conversation. With her give us little context around went how they fashion style. They can only and your boyfriend has been mom what are you are NTELOS the last one and you broke up with on behalf your boyfriend how did he know her. I guess they were in college Franzen and how old are you guys now. Wait a series he yeah he's known her for six or seven or eight years. And you who saw them together data we are dry and and then pick up the phone and called her. I've Kelly is that woman so. And so Lou Kelly. Moms and he's earned terrible acts. Since. I I and it could Brian girlfriend Aaron hey here's where it's up. Right yeah I'm calling because I am. I don't until it with you Brian hanging out and that and it killed so hole. I hadn't. Yet so we're not going to be able I mean I'm really I don't. One way. I'm a little confused because we hang our friends in friends early you know energy and here is college alcohol once again why are uncomfortable. What I did. I know that I didn't I don't know I think I'm kind that you. He got to you have a but I feel like you're flirting with and I I feel like he's hurting backstage at it and comfortable and settle. I'm I have a boyfriend. Why let my I would have been content editor outside that you'll use that should be friends. We could be friends if you weren't so insecure. I'm not being insecure and eat it. Yeah that's what I'm tank and then he let out a bit too I think. I don't think he's wins fans probably terrified of you guys. Let's keep it under and that migration and it is. I'm not trying to hook up with your boyfriend home girl gorgeous friends. As we wanted to I could are. And why you log in right. And then I thank your parents Koreans are honestly that's. Sort. I thank you it's. A compact. Last phone call Lindsay and Johns creek. Pay yeah you me last on this resemblance. I understand think Aaron flipped onto the and to charity and good. Other dash on the other side of a woman and and the play by me and I have all kind of words from any of the controlling you needed that others are. I thank you very insecure she'll be lonely threatened her life and her. He is a good site assets. I indeed thank you. I. Think the whole trust your gut thinking is that it'd. Well clearly everyone agrees that each. I've had silence was. This wasn't so crazy dead media agreed he will put it up until his truck we'll see what direction this is and I it's I think even just your. And stop I don't think gives you control every little parson of anybody's else's lot eighth but it. I'm just review unit Tommy's at the entrance grant because that's what. He's so beautiful. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.