The Dog Poop Dilemma

Thursday, October 12th


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We are about to talk to win I mean. The most passionate callers we have ever had and they show people are so fired up about days. And there is no gray area. Today Gary there. I'm you're side Kelly or hate you Cali. Silence me a letter writing the next thirty minutes we're hooking you up with pink tickets and that Garth Brooks tickets at all happening. In the next thirty minutes stick around you can limit. I am OK so the debate is is it okay. To throw away your dog's poop in that walking out to get a little baggy tie it out yet. Can you throw it away in the nearest garbage can even if that happens to be. You're another residential. Neighbor. Garbage hand rank and Chandler. Thinks it's totally cool. No I think a problem. Here and why is that I. Because it did it looked a little bit like it is you can't just putting your own and you you. Don't. He David Chandler imagine walking your dog in your four blocks from home. Like you have to hit area that bag of who we're a half mile back to your house in thrown away or. Yeah but those sound difficult but I mean can't really tied around your arm I mean. It a little angle at a pandora's bracelet if he sees for. But still if you're taking your dog out if you have a dog. Four blocks or what I don't care it's not my dog at a cat who hoops in a box like I'm not taking him putting in some nice trash. Indigo in Atlanta welcome to the sham. Our goal. Kelly cheese. Has such an issue with her neighbors is that a group and neighbors there's that one in particular. I haven't caught them yet so I don't know if it's Ivan inspected it deterred to see if it's the same deterred each time but I'm telling you it happens. And drink on her day in an empty trash can't. I have no problem right. You know probably it you know walking years and your and you hit it like you'd like a regular. Residential neighborhood that they are. At an icon to have this special group blue garbage can. I'm getting your arms and could not gonna walk my whole block. What my my hand in the bag but I pretty bad about where you are not our beat it about. Yeah and EPA. And yeah her yeah the other option straddle it whatever it is that. Here's the thing I live in an apartment complex. That we do valley trash every single night. The sun Thursday what's the big hero theme they duly after. The valley has picked it up so in the morning at 4 o'clock in the morning I'm leaving for work I've got into trash came out there that I haven't seen since 8 o'clock class. And I putted in my house. And then I'd come home pack 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon and this heard in a bag has been sitting in my empty trash can in my house. But I didn't notice in the morning and is it steak and eggs and bag I. It's not like someone else's dogs duke and my house while it's easier super tasters here if I am super eastern super smaller and it is driving me crazy I feel it has to put a little camera. On my door I can see when neighbors doing that because they're doing on purpose Rick in. You that you think you're being targeted its mind trash can you. Every Saturday. Ricky. Okay and would you would you rather have none that you are who attacked you in the back pain and I cannot. What did you think about it but it's small thing and excellent he's moving great without the bottom of this she'll learn her. We have his back it's not small. Even better to have it acumen on YouTube so owns. Are you eating lunch asking now locked. You're captain don't look old fashioned you know I've vocalists of he had Lennar added. I couldn't bring. It's just not it's to me is it's an empty trash can on fuel and a set it on top of my back. At the valley guy at the valley trash as gonna come and pick up later I'm OK with that has always respectful to the guy picking the trash you don't want him having these and his dock your dogs to either he. Ate it up later. You guys are killing me. But they do it after he's picked it up that put it in the trash can so now he wine get him to train his dog poop when it's convenient for you know I won his dog not the hoop where where he's. We don't park and that's our place like why you walking up from the dog park where there are designated trash cans into the hallway three floors up. And putting it in my empty trash cans at 10 o'clock and. Your job listening right now to talk some sense in the counties. 404. 263094. Star in 941. We've got guards brought thick it's happening in the next ten minutes we've got eight tickets happening in the next. 45. Minutes and we are in the middle of a heated debates. On that jet engine shadow. As it I yes I Isa. He said he I east and Conyers. Says it's totally okay to dump your blue and whatever receptacle is nearest you. Well you're not all of you thank you much. But if I'm on my heels from your house not I don't yeah I don't Eric I hope you don't even in my aspect. Q what Ozzie do you ever make stupid trash can. No I don't like I don't like oh my tactic and it will come out of we want it now oh. Yeah I'm. I say yes Leah and games now please tell Kelly that she is overreacting. I hadn't your group and whatever trash receptacle is closest to you. I'll my ass at least I don't. Think HQ out all right. And Leah is yeah. She'd like a kid I had seen and I would never. Ever let. Them eat. Your job UN. I know. Okay so what if there's RD trash in the trash can. You like to party track it and like on top but in the act. And that I got cash. I mean. Someone teach him that they're all their whole plan. While I'll have a conversation with my dogs and checking people's garbage cans. Well no that's your responsibility to act you don't do that Tiffany and at birth please explain to Cali where this is totally sent. What Obama Horry. Exactly you've got back right issues that dog issue Europe person AG who had a. It Seattle. I say what I think it that would not happen next time out you need to bring that act didn't work in putted right next to Jack while he worked EY a REE like. Genius you know the tension and only half after the Al now I. No need your whole life and never called to tell you that list and now LT cut back LG. I love her. Calling from can't it's Connor I please explain Kelly why she is overreacting. This is actually not okay you see America and mark little. And people pay are there a lot of money on the island of Klain a lot of money on their dogs that they should deal. Owen are at it you do take simple here and even if they're taking it are putting a bag log in 2000 and soundtracks which revealed do. The news that they pay a lot of moniker dogs. Actually do it takes simple they're the dog. Thank you I am thanks Aaron I am just gonna randomly pick up a line in the in this soldiers this went ounces thousand. OK so whatever it closed my eyes and pickup line. Hey. How low lying I don't even your name. Hi what's your name. Sarah and what side are you want. Him on new eighteen. The debate has been settled and thank you and I will explain to tell you why it's totally okay. My family we will pick up that I could see tiger's eye isn't even on the it hurt and then get it back I had I would never walk again and and it's especially on Friday when it's tactic that day we look at stunned that anyone ever says closed at US do you wanna carry a whole lot of our god that they died he takes a little bit. You are changing the neighborhood. You are a pain in the neighborhood thereafter. If I hit a terrible need to. Exactly gift bag you'd be in this in girl who have. Barry Harris very familiar way we drying. I want. 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