The Fake Pregnancy Dumpster Fire

Friday, May 5th

Wouldn't it be funny to FAKE a pregnancy?! No actually. Probably not. But Elizabeth thinks otherwise!

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Before the law and thanks for awake enough when Japanese yen. Hi this is quickly become one of the favorite segments here on the jet engine champ. Car fire. Because session genius combination of words are there if you don't know what a dumpster fires some people don't know. But that is likely give a dumpster dumpster is dirty and messy and gross you wanna stay away from it's a dumpster and the damage you set it out and fire yeah it's even dirty hearing growth siren meciar is just hot trash is hot Ashraf. To a dumpster fire is an example of hot trash. Now we've got a few calls over the past couple weeks with people who have dumpster fires that they are going to witness. Last week we heard from a woman who is gonna go to a wedding. And while and that wedding a grooms men was gonna stand up and proposed to his girlfriend you can't imagine that at a wedding reception. You cannot do that at a wedding present unannounced duke it out loud at the bright didn't know he had this is. And Venus seems dealer and you can't do that on somebody's wedding day. Well today. We have been blessed with a a dumpster fire. That the actual participant. Wants to talents around. She is starting a dumpster fire and wants to join us to share the story. But she doesn't think it's a dumpster fire she thinks it's funny. I think so. Okay you get is called it dumpster fire and gay or give me a girl's name this and you've got. Let's go with Elizabeth hi Elizabeth welcome to the Jeff's engine check. Try Arabic and yeah did that we're so excited to hear about your little practical joke here this and that's gonna happen this week. Is it says well you injured comedian here are his fiftieth. Okay. Well so I got a sister and down EC has got some really good years which is there it is right I don't want don't know my actual name time. See you cannot she's pregnant up and Ross yeah I don't want. Are you at state and they've been tried for awhile but lake so first at your expense but they haven't told anybody. But I. I've been dating a guy for a couple months. I just actors especially after hearing like how excited she is a credit do everything it and it really makes you wonder like where he dire. You know on the road like Schmidt and. And that sort of thing like it's you know we're going to be able to ever be that kind of committed to each other in our relationship at all let us know where that goalie. Third gap Saleh can is. Can actor sort of pregnant because it's a positive one such joke. He and down under that I'm gonna protect mind and it has. I think it can be hilarious. Oh yeah I see you're just testing him he doesn't see what his reactions Kennedy. Well I don't like it a little early. In all and then I mean it's not like it's mine are real you know so it's regardless it's not what you gonna have to deal with something big. You know in the end. It'll still be able to be funny breaks you don't want to give a reaction because then I can just you know good non. OK as a guy. How would you react if you with a guy Elizabeth is dating for a couple of months. And she comes Citizen Kane got some news for you Jeff that's the thing is you can't prepare yourself. For that especially if you've only been dating for like. A couple months would you can't prepare yourself for that transaction I'm just say you put yourself in the issue is what I didn't I would have to leave the situation. But I would have to say that if you do that to me I would have to say okay. I'd imitate what you just said and I need to step away from here and I just. But I need to be by myself I that might be my only child upbringing or whatever you feel like I need is process I got a process and I would literally go to lake. A park and walk around or go to like a arrest Stratton and and and sit at the bar by myself for an hour or something that would mean there I would go summer where can be alone. You might take that as your looking for information you might think that differently. Because he's abandoned me. Can't say nothing about this for the good idea you know that right. You know it's not play. It would be impossible contact you know we've been together for a couple Margaret Cho all you know that need to be in Kigali to hurt. Soul I mean it's not like it would be impossible idea that that could happen you know somewhere in the back nine you catch it's I mean it's not the worst. He continued to hold onto it let him go wait for an hour. 0% aren't too crazy going to be fun that's underway inside Elizabeth. Like if you're dating someone for a couple months I don't know how serious you in your boyfriend are but chances are that you're not Brady get married delight tomorrow. You know. And so that's what scares everybody is hearing that. He's a free don't is don't wanna throw up and get a whole bottle of tequila just like I need a month are tests such serious and use does your sister know what you're doing with this. I asked what she told the only reason like the only way that she's gonna give me it has its arms its. Like the same reaction that habit now she thinks they think it's gonna eat you know I think she did it but at any party. Can issue that as long as I called you guys not to tell you that I have been like. Pastor remove the column I'm trying to establish focusing a relation gonna get it past the IE I get on your dumpster fires segment. Who got sent down it's a challenge for her what she gets her race. Hold on OK I can you land a new kind of Elizabeth older Elizabeth I'm. Savannah. And I hey yeah is saying he's Suzanne outsiders and the technically it is Saturday apparently at select I have seen that the or acting. It is not a bad idea. I roll away and act are bigger and apparently not quite are as great as it's currently. And at the front only he had got excited about it and wishing had to break that newsstand and it was a little. He was devastating completely broke out early show that way. He was saying. It did you think about and. Doesn't matter how much time you know like at Eric edit it and they got that little girl or a war record it that's going to be the one in the. And you know he got our hat and it it. The order calm a crowd there it per unit that they you know probably heard it being late and it okay. Not thank you Susanna so Elizabeth. I hit you run through this scenario you show on the praised US and he goes oh my god list. Smith and wraps you have in his arms inserts crying tears of joy. And he's like I can't believe I'm going to be your day. Then what I mean which are not a prank. Really that's all I'm actually part of the regional I'm going with so that you won it's that would be its reaction and his. He's ready for a like move on to the next level of commitment in all they're great young Angel like Peter on the bush furlong time. It's just toy with his emotions on such a big. Your bird you proudest via. No no I. Mean it's. I always your reaction is she's thing I mean if you're dating a girl for a couple of months and she came to you and said does it and showed you attacks. In. To be blunt I'd be horrified I'd be scared about how I would. I'd be able to provide for baby when I am not in the position to do that because. JP as the years in the eye. And there were working to answer for himself to death. Your whole life would flash in front of you would be like OK I had a plan for our it was going I don't know that country and undergoes my life yeah that. And it's like and then you would say OK now my life is gonna go in a completely different direction where I thought it was going. And put somebody on in that position that's. And it's not true she's a joke oh well Elizabeth how old are you guys. Were earlier when he saw I mean it's. Gonna be all I. Lake it's not something that we have many mentally prepare importantly we're teenagers it's change or lives. I'm an Angel on it and believe this miss seeing him. A little and I wouldn't. I am actually very clear how the car and I area that the strong announced on other hand can't see. And I'm I'm I'm sure that alerts OIBE I I'm a boy and all and malware and they are no. It whole area I our bit to get. It there. Oh wait a second messy how did it. It's your boyfriend now husband agree to it. I guess the only content six I called it like he dies at voluntarily Casale you know it's all I can say. I don't need a. I'm really bad I got really tired old I am but it's. Anyway yeah I don't know ultimately it barely any. Doubt narrates it. You know I spent eight days yeah you are. And and our Jeanne I should really check it out and I'm only in an egg and I let you brag. Not sure and Rafa today and we are not right and I see. So it like it. You're never lets him OK hold on did you ever tell him. You totally made it up or did you play offs like you take one pregnancy tests and it turned up positive in Egypt three Morin Iran negative. I don't. My stunt man loves you why how can lead it. Wow. I am sick because I heard of women using. A fake pregnancy to keep a man. But I never heard of it too. Praying commands. Like as a. I love this funny joke. You Bobbie I think about this later. I'd Elizabeth Giovanni Ramirez badly you know and our. 40 for her she's 630941. And it is our phone number or. Misty who actually did this successfully will not be the last phone call anchor hitting perhaps not right that's what she we're taking your calls things. And she I'll still are. Sign we're going to pick up Elizabeth here again and continue you. I've that discussion just freed because there's no other that one call there's nobody who thinks this is a decent idea. Just look at lines plus come on now. Elizabeth. Yeah and I. I'm really thrown like I'm not mad I'm bad I'm just dumbfounded Alyssa lived. Call this up because she's actively involved in a dumpster fire this weekend. As a joke she wants to show her boyfriend of two months a positive pregnancy test that she got from her pregnant sister. And she's gonna be like I didn't listen every judge could then don't tell me other religions and can ago. And nobody thinks it's a good idea but we're getting and phone calls on crab is an up and a lot of it would Christo and can't him. Hey I know. OK and you also do this. I did you execute a script. I did and eat eat well and I had been married sir on the nine years now let. And hit it there are pregnant the talent and debating it irritating Maine or Dallas. Alliance excuse not very long time and dead at the identity it and I quickly did tell on that I was kidding. Maybe related is appealing it. He did not think it was sunny. As it sounds funny no substance he had. And actually my dad brother and all thoughts are sure that was the last time he was gonna see me he dislikes she's gone she's. She kind that I don't know maybe it's serious business for you guys tell me that he can stay with me that it really matters that. And you know I guess. It asked him just a second ago about a and he said yeah I would not recommend her gymnastic coach. So even though he they would name are married now. It was not a good thing he's Diddy said he didn't think it was sunny. He's not funny. It's not I its. Here's a guys perspective rich in Woodstock. Big guys love segment. Funny it's funny or not running. Actually not funny bit out so it cheated she strictly as saying hey this is a casual relationship but now he's trying to break it up a level ten is. And our owners say is like if I was outside then I was remain alert to live. So this is a big mistake you know don't do that so. That's. Thanks stretch but the thing. Britney and Madonna welcome to the show. Take. So all. People curious like I. Is that the scenario I'm in complete disbelief that you actually think there are a good idea. I NEL in era I'm sorry Britney I can't even find words to get through this segment I'm so I'm not shots. I'm I'm shocked at the fact that there's somebody who is entertaining this and think it's a good idea and the multiple people called up amend my dad it was far. A. Absolutely not it's not funny at all the only a neat thing that she thinks that they're they're actually early. Mediate in the relationship to authority to show you here yet about money with him one adult he wanted a cute. Hear. How he reacted without having hit eighty he'll enjoy it and do nothing. Aren't you I wanna be at that don't they can they don't eat that he's going to ride it until they are. Going to try running water. Jim thank you break your so I I about trust and I think. Elizabeth. Who were crying Elizabeth. It has played out in her mind of how funny it's going to be you know I have a little movies in your brain if thinking about how something is gonna happen and yeah play it out I play at their movie every time I got to run two miles I'm like it's gonna be a breeze and. I never heard of a mile and and I'm like all my knees hurt. Me in her mind. They're laughing about it they think it's whole area is she's pulled one over on Hamza she can't even fathom how this go horribly wrong. Melanie and Jasper actually. Has a great comparison and I went around by Elizabeth after she shares over the same Melanie. Okay and I'm sorry I just think this is as crazy I just July how would she sell it you have to take her terrorist dry. And commitment. Only need an open up an at the end eat and I think he's because yeah like. Not I got that chance and see how you react said thank you Barbara. A binary now now IE year or so Smart because nobody loves an analogy much like just dollar I do love and you love analyses Elizabeth. What would you do a few feet proposed see this weekend. What would you do if he took you out to a restaurant and he just wanted to see how you felt about marriage says he. It ring box and he made it off fancy and then he then you're like oh my god yes he like how I am just a joke. How would you feel. Well I completely really full practical Joker so that. I mean I initially obviously I did you know beat Kyle it quite how but MI. Afterward. I mean I can it be good story you know we mile. Earlier I am literally pulling my hair. He'll and literally. In a downturn and literally pulling my hair and your red. Caitlin that you can be the last a phone call talked some sense please on a rate of two Elizabeth talked some sense into Elizabeth. He girl believed. That aren't as bad and her boyfriend of a year ago they there. I thought that relate to it and you record. He left turn did you hear that all its dom it's not just a dumpster fire but don't school. Thank you came when. All right Elizabeth we gonna talk it to Sam on Monday okay. I mean honestly his biggest plenty I mean yes sir I think it could be fighting. I would get back I would not be mad at all if you call a semi means I have nothing to report that they didn't do it yet John doing just to come on the radio and say he did it down. I mean that's the only way I might just regular. You don't need to test if you're not gonna do this stuff up I don't do us. Hope you like being single. But he's single mine data come ahead and all right I got to move on I can't believe it. How do I won't talk to your mind at gala event. Very humanity as you leave it is for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one.