The First Day of Kindergarden

Tuesday, July 31st

Jenn needs your advice! What should she expect on the first day?

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Star in 941. I started crying yesterday and I bingaman cry every single day of the next time we. Because we have a huge milestone that we're facing in you probably already been through this with your kid and you as a parent so I wanna know what to expect our oldest daughter. Is starting. You know garden. A big deal a big kid at school. So I want to. Why should I brace myself for bitch and she's dead sleep but ways. She's banning gay here forever nannies all that's outside. Buttered up. Or outscored 6630941. Here's the thing Jeff. It's different because she's going into a real classroom like this is school that now counts. This is where you're they start at counting your attendants. Like you know this is where there's big kick things like fire drills and school buses and like it means and I feel like I'm baby is grown up. I did watch wine in the story yesterday a friend Cali is has a son he's the same age is is yard daughter Lauren. So he's off to Canada and and she was like. I can't believe that my side and has to do fire drills. Like the bus drills where you learn with the emergency hatches at the top of the bus nowadays seem too little to be able to do that but they are growing up. Jennifer is a teacher and new name and as a big piece of advice or AA Jennifer okay. Hey good morning again and that's when Angela you know it completely normal I first it will create a crowd and what I can and take military and I'm I think they eat. After the first day and hearing and. And then leave but sometimes it's a good bet that at our crime they want their mom who in the not can't hang around and it just makes. And they said the couple pieces that add that I miss bell ringer and those take it you're the teacher I ever get there and then when you. I have a question Jennifer do you teach kindergarten are have you start kindergarten not outlawed in an idol but yeah okay during those six years did you ever have on the first day of school. A parent bring their kid name. And then because the parents couldn't handle let's say the men and items it may learn and humble presence in my take it came out. I have had actually I can't adopt and I'm come without without all the parents left. You need to hang out for dinner picking my cat but steadily I'm. After the first day. We have always been. Well now old and has eight kids showed Jenn does that. To be the first time in history that. Okay Venus is kidnapped their own traumatic unit and it never mind his start off her this blow and it won't absence of our gyms gonna do it as CNN and the class I'm actually is gonna say it's as high volume and it is time won't let on the and hit here at spy on the glass all day long. I can't pay you go to college ever. A good luck this goalie a way to teach. And commitment to point out I actually getting back in this year's all well and to play. Loads up a lot of they bite so careful. All I sailed Janice people are gonna probably get your face what specifically. Are you. Just what you expect what emotions should I expect to go throw a what did you feel like when your kid went to kindergarten. OK so wool will take more phone calls for a four to six very and then perform for a 42630941. Is the hole on number. And then I have a gift freed and came at a special gift to wrap up this week in about. Okay and it's a gift you once thieves to the friendly and now the family gets to give it back to you. It's the song that might cause you to cried so hard you miss the rest of the shaft. I will definitely cry I don't you talking about slow you down yeah it is. On about your kids grown up too fast and all it gets a lump in your throat immediately it's an easy start here in the first couple we're excited Ameren next door and GP united gonna look for it and if you have advice for Jan for a four. 2630941. And otherwise credit issues unattractive in every parent I'm trying to add some prominent. And she I'll still are. Dead braves gonna help Jana understand. Even though her daughter's head sleep away isn't banning gay Canada's Graham and rabbits for a week. Why. This week in the first day of kindergarten is so emotional hey Debra. In the morning or even Ed because that her child is now beginning to be independent. And it rolled just reassure you that united needed to match thread yet. You can cry I'm a grandmother and when I take my little wind at school I don't cry. You do oh. All of this like it's his sense of pride ego searching so proud of some. Which makes emotional tale Courtney and Alan Lloyd. Body and hey Courtney how do you feel when he went through the first day of kindergarten in the. I did yesterday how you might you 100 great man I cried my. Eyebrow. And I thought they were gonna get better but when he came Bernard Herrmann home aren't statement about not ready to videotape of our day. And she never got out but. I'll got a different take when we're blue they couldn't find their gun related to get on a different about it. What do you. You all hard. You're already emotional and then there's the bus makes up and now you're hysterical Courtney yeah yeah I'm with you Jack isn't all. Kyle they go well you know why it's going to be tapped in the morning but in the afternoon it you'd think there's a chance she may be lost. And then watch how. I can't eat right and had a good principle could be bad costs he showed that they view elementary and she has speed that it went well but it did not leave that school until I found my daughter. Well now and he's not allowed to you that's a bad look or his goal cut lose and a kid at the other day and all cornea so sorry that you and I. JoAnne. He leads treason he leaves an agent Joseph better than that. It can actually had an overwhelming trying to. That's how I believe any trial in doubt however. I am a mom or kind and my first child I never left in the garden I hold they would try that out I had it and I understand I really overwhelming emotional. I hate it how do we get our regular parent and we got a let that was equally well on. Okay Joanna I have a question because in kindergarten. There's no light so I need room with a one way mirror type thing like. You've got to help a client state yeah it's. I held my first child who now and I. And lied to only United States marine and my only daughter. At night I stayed I did not meet when I got my IR MI port edit it according. You're trying to drama Moffett is hurting the schools like they're too young and I gagged and amount amount yeah. I would let's come from Sheehan and listening in the NE CNN. DC. Hey get Harriett. I'm nervous I'm I am an emotional hurt do you. I hit my girl that you girls when they're twenty lines and sixteen now. And get my baby last week's hero that started driving. And I tell you right now I had no doubt in my driveway and cried like an idiot. Dad always remind all. Our. Call there at that. Did not how I make it. I don't like it did not idiot got all of her. You know I know are. At it opt. So hard I am. I. It Greek and integrate it. Apple in your life and it they're right. You're maybe I hear they get through it you get that in your car I hear about well. And she'd take home that ain't gonna be like only a little bit about it if you're gonna it will. I've no idea Genzyme area wait for her coming home from school years he's gonna be passed out from drinking percent goes and I. I can. I'm I site. It's things where. It is I can. It goes by so fast you know they always tell you that that sounds so cliche about like. I thought it was just pregnant with our you know I feel like I was just telling you Jeff that I was having a baby in you were excited about like our first child and now she's going to Canon manages feels like it happens and why he's been at all and then you know that sentence was weird I'm not Lorenz band sat back now hired because they're worried spring. I know as excited for UN grant's first child yeah. That's sorry it came out weird an unemotional gimme a break I thought that Xena. Well I just found some announce hey yeah this futures and I am I. Right yeah. I'm just like a runner on the other show and his pregnant at leaving and I can't tell everybody and you're excited for me and grant to have our first child that feels like I was just yesterday totally and it's like now she's gone off to pursue its all hike. It does W really it's. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.