Ghosthunting with Rachel and Keesha

Tuesday, May 2nd

They've been friends since high school, so why hasn't Keesha been around all of a sudden?

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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all now. Tracking down that people who goes to if you want. Don't tell. High ratio welcome to go to signing up in the jet and in no hurry film. I'm Mario. Winners and we are getting it we're interested to find out who ghost since you and how we can be of service. Oh arms. Strange I don't know exactly what is so how bad I am not trying to Vincent Brothers and Playskool. Manipulation the wrong times and times. I I didn't know where she just. I I would texture you know media as having a part ears I'm playing in which she didn't respond and then and then I noticed who. Bit and I noticed that issue just has responded Q. My checks in the wild. And at the back compounded with the fact they didn't get any kind of burst and eight Carter disputed facts you know like last month are repartee and just nothing to occur and they can get a Christmas card which I get every year shall arched and I just feel like gears a Algeria a deliberate. I happening and I had I had no idea what we are coming from. So you try to reach out and she hasn't changed her number Ernie hanged. Now whole notion that now I don't think so I'm I didn't do. Rich it took that energy Catholic she there's other ways she she couldn't reach out meaning and there's only waitress just as someone needs to take it very. There were connected on all social front and there's no you know it's as it did it just seems to be something more going on. How I'm are what's her name again and sank. Asia and how do you know he should how long have you known her. I I'm nursing school she was laden to actually neighbor my angering not then not. Only do you entertain high school and and now ammunition urgent neighborhood so I I know our earth you know real long payment bleached. I mean Chang at 1012 years. To senior actually tell it's it's it's been a very. Abrupt. Kind of I heard a lack of communication on her part. And do you have any sort of hunt some want it could be an issue going through something crazy in her ally a four or. Was your last I had an air. That's good thing that I it. I have no idea what it's like there's been no Roche. I I I didn't I am certainly to make it up and my hat that they get within weeks outside newly elected BE. As she and I. As CNN new relationship frank saying you know some friends kinda fallen on the black hole and never come back out right. And bid as she did you find somebody like that she's dating are you married turning things. I don't know she she and I get married I got married last year and you know I hate it are still trying to all right single Brandon. You know I don't they don't treat me any differently and I don't. There are consistent. So it's a weird did you you know seat yeah I'm assuming she was at your wedding. Did you fat or was she not your wedding. Well yes you wonder at the wedding did you did you thanked her for your wedding gift to work it gives. Somehow. I'm sure did and how lists of everything that I got and you know ice and now last. And buy it before the end of the year. I mean and just nature to thank everybody knew my and then I I battle. So I think errors early. Good about intentionally damaged yeah I can actually did she you know she got me I'm one of the in my place settings and I definitely think I remember much. So racial that she started. I guess stop talking to you after the wedding pretty much does that. Kind of one has started. And yet yeah it they really. They were that I mean that we week I was kind of busy moving and shops after words hadn't. But then I started to realize that humans weight or that I guess it did catch starts. It seemed like you want to letting little aid actually you know getting married or something out I mean by it just to make any sense what what they had abandoned. She hooked up again has been at the wedding. And agents LeBron. There is. I. Oh I mean seriously look at that it happens. Could she have felt a loan off like you said after the wedding you like move by how often every human contact. It's so much more difficult. Being a girlfriend. Then a guy friends like. I have guidance then I'll go yeah. Years. Without talking to see silver com your best friend is still lies about how much Jeremy and yes where is I assume he's like yeah my desk and a Mike. Your sprint O'Neal talked to two years to talk yeah it was like yeah. Gently guiding him met that guy Sanjay as you well Sunday celebrated upgrade yet if you had a thing where like you guys went out for wine night every three weeks. And then you get married you got a new highs being your move saying you totally. Like she might feel slighted by that and. I mean honestly. The tissue work like I I brushed my rain I can't hear what it is and invited her Q. And looking you know we had how charming party and invited her to your back Saddam you know I I need. I invited everybody mollid including her in whatever is benched. That happened you know so damn it I mean I just don't get it. Rachel well hang on and we are gonna get all the information that you've got on key shut. We'll take 24 hours and tried to track her down convince her to come on with us and we'll ask her the question. Why did you know son racial see if we can find some answers for you may be I am DC has re connected. Okay Abby creates thank you looked. Okay sounds good I will did that at this time tomorrow on the just check out Whitney draining us right now with a theory hey Whitney welcome to the shadow. Okay what about is this says Smyrna Whitney makes and don't let it. Maintain them. You already know. Our question was once you're the wedding it was a Blackberry which they aren't because you carbon copy our better client. Hillary yanks or any more than the wedding nick would know wouldn't that got me go right. That should they meet economy. Yeah definitely. Remastered at but what we did I did say something about did you remember to thank her further gifts. You know that in the way it I don't my legs I felt like. If she was a bridesmaid or something she would have said that so I'm assuming that no she wasn't. So your theory is well maybe she was mad at that Whitney's get what he has Smart squad member number one hour. Natalie in Lawrenceville welcomed in Asia. 8. Am I. A feeling it might happen and he had a good friend I grew up where I am here I did not half and the bride may in the wedding. And I did not think it was that big that ilk and sweep Braly died and many want ear and out like twice a year and from there on out and the wedding. Are not dead it would great. That afterward we just stop it stop communicate with yeah I'm finally cornered Paris Alcatel. It was because she was never in a wedding she felt so. I can't get just. Admit I mean which was never my intention. But I would only needing port pride mate elegant and I haven't been at just how a bit at. So I wondered she fell by she's just a bit in the ready. Smart signal seems Whitney serie a Leann and McDonna welcomed the show. How are you this fighting has dragged down this morning I got it oh what can. Carry on that's about a meadow I'll. Word which is theory. From my end and it ain't got no relationship. Maybe we Leo 1 I am aware. That's right loans. Matt at the wedding or anything like that allowed before I somewhere they have like a little slightly until probably not go on and. Sick person. And you're saying it's just gone in separate directions. Because it's weird because it's it's gonna be weird for now that they are married. But I'm waiting. If you would like to share. Smarty rates do Doris Ceres and there are FaceBook page faced attack com slash staff and and shall pay at least saying damn what a you can be the last on air theory when he got it. Could it be political I know that I definitely stopped following you and these friends quit like. Can't supporters but just couldn't do it. Got its a year obviously. I've got vote for trump. Your friends you dig a little too hyper and Taylor looks elect by yeah. Got interesting. I I'll that there is that there's never thought have I while the conversation has started on phase of fees for dot com slash jet engines show. If you wanna go weigh in on why you think. That. Racial and he sure are no longer friends at this time tomorrow. He share will solve the mystery the words will come ray. Out of her mouth okay. Turn it up. And yet again show all now. Now tracking Dell that people Lewis goes Steve do you want. Don't tell. I we're about to take up the phone and talk to racial who wanted to find T show. Yeah we're going to go sensing for her friend since high school who has just disappeared really analyzed here and I welcome back to the show raise so you're ready to do that us. Yeah and I it's. We got teachers information she's agreed to pick up the phone when we call so I'm gonna put you want to hold in doubt and number. Then you'll get to listen to us have the commerce issue is. The key issue had to find out exactly where she's gotten them. Okay we're right order do you have any more theories in the past 24 hours anything you've thought of that could've happened. And I eat I eat. They don't it's just seems so weird and just I mean it makes you mad because I don't know what it is it's I eat it just made new format they get to experiment and about a war. Now and he's had some really eager to hear what he did it you know I just start making things up in my head I don't know what it is. You go back to American opportunity has been archived it's Atlantic and linking to continue what counts for your husband that entire day. Plot twist and went you know it you know you're right I know I really. I'm I'm a preamble the tank. Okay. I. Since you really do it rings and have no idea the pressure. Don't. Shouted finger born. And low key show how are you. Aren't you know Ed this is Jeff and Jeff saying Kelly teams and we are. Excited to have you on the show today things are a green come on with us. Surely thank you so much and thank you that I. I don't really close. As we cannot eat. Yeah well we're reached a tear as. Part of this I know we do our show called ghost hunting say you know what it means again it goes did ranked. So he's a year and against. And we are tracking you down to find out what how they and what you earn every soul. Spoon. And see how it. I. I was just issued described as a really great friend from high school. And you read her wet Dina but in the last years so we are not responding to text messages and she said no birth to contact your Christmas and she is. Does not know why she finds it. Just weird because you guys have been friends for so long. Well my hand oh okay. You're excited my friend you know one. And school. You know I didn't write it really shouldn't get in there and power OIUS. Senate I didn't. You can be and aren't you letting you know I mean I am sure and I'm girl there and free anger out. I don't mean look you know people don't play like we're really don't try to. You know Howell then what I hey I'm being really rich media aren't your daddy okay. I internal. Okay. You know. He married a parent I mean everything I was like I'm out of over out of that began back. So really you haven't been in contact since the wedding. Do you feel like there's anything. She could do to repair that well or it felt like a nail in the coffin for you. I mean there isn't. George duke well you know I took well. I don't do that I rear end. And let them know what. I think they're in the week and I rarely go that you know can I. Shocked like oh well I think we would. Look at and the. You know you don't really did what I remain locked in a group and the I don't know that I am gonna let you know she changed her mind but not a good. And it's exactly. You know ten Lopez and whenever I become their money on politics. Than he Kuala Lumpur and lead. Think I eat you know. I don't you don't need your group. Was there any woman operative front that the church on the wedding day were you thought I deserved to be there more than that womanly and. And really. There isn't wrong and I thought. Me not reach. You know I ordered like women got the ultimate. You know legal looking like how can anything match pretty you know complete. Pretty clean. Look at like ridiculous like I'm like yeah. Good NEC. And regional where these he'd probably lean into a global. Re going to be you know. Eight. Why are you sure you've got an inch is the only reached. An accurate. African baby and mom I you know. We're gonna present to the. And a and it as I just like. When you're not invited to be a bridesmaid especially when it's a big party of big wedding party. Then hence the but you said the engagement parties. I feel like I should've been in the. Adamant it now and I everybody gets included as like our guy got to take a long week apple work as we can't just go read said. Drink your job midtown bar Hobbs are probably got to go to New Orleans are denying niceness is an incredible party blast adopting 12100 dollars I don't sparrow. Yeah but you rather be complaining about that vs complaining I'm glad I get left out you know I mean she had nine bridesmaids. 99. That means key show was not in the first nine bites cliche you are probably number ten and that is a great number. How do what I. Can tell you can't think it's an ER. Even though leg action and the enrolled recently elderly patient yeah not a bad one. You know we better look at 080. Entirely. Well thank you so much for coming on with us then and shared it with us I hope that we an upset you this morning. Sharing unknown amateur or rent an inquiry. Into the home. Your real friends and you know I do what you should reconsider that really they elected to. Art and the grill you are well you know what. Portland and I got. In there and you know. I'd education thinks they. Aren't bad I am. I'm gonna get this he credits the Ecko made a lot since more does he have bridesmaids yeah. Allergies are about Ghana and I we'll come right back I talked rates on three minutes on the Jeff contention concerning forward towards. And she I'll still are. Rachel calls us up and say is we call my high school Frankie ship and crew is blown me options for a big chunk of the past year. We call a key issue at hand she finds out. Are we find out that he should waves are Rachel's wedding and we're shocked. Define that Rachel had nine bridesmaids including Dana from high school. Who Rachel wasn't even that good of friends because that's like wind it's even become friends. But he sure wasn't a bridesmaid and she can't get past hey Rachel. What's up with the Dana I mean that she's not tough enough. Arms and I'm just giving. Now I cedar. But you have like some circled that you have to include Michael Stratton group of she just as part of that Spartan group and and I knew which he. We're as I was gonna get you know crap from her plate get into it I didn't include her. I partly Bottke show would be you know I did not mean I did have a hundred bridesmaid you know. At a certain point you have to GO to draw the line because I had not like could not have anymore. And I had to go with a certain friend groups and you know it's especially totally Dana is gonna be. It's cheaper to send it and I did not think he should be saying what I thought she would be what. You know and I I trust her that she would bet that that would be that he would be okay without hearing airplane. Your words Rachel have Kelly cheese feel on some kind of way right now she's ripping it that might have found it usually. He's got her sore head at some rest and railed against it. I just paid ads so much I can't stand when anyone getting married says. I had to include them and my wedding so I excluded someone I actually care about. That you know makes me so mad like sic up pretty slow issued a study you know at camp I'd like you and just because your whether my group of friends. Then I mean AME my bridesmaid always stick up for somebody who has been American army. Even do that you broke girl code girls. Politics are now we also hiding them and her opponents. To sit stir it. It just got to be out of control and I. I don't know he may be our nation ever. Quiche and I did it to her addiction got so what he can be completion Mickey Owen. Just like. Absolutely it's just like you know superficial thing really and. I it I didn't different hagee talked to her about it beforehand I think she felt left out and you never address it with Terry in puller aside and say listen and I got to MI has and sisters in there and blah -- but I love you like. You didn't say any of that she just had to go and watch you out there with nine other women including Dana. Food or in her mind more important than apparent so I think it really got her feelings Eric. And it did not I did not pick up. On the fact that she lined to rekindle friendship yeah. Did you guys now I it seems it seemed like that was. That's friendship was kind of signed sealed delivered in gone at a packages and shipped that ship has sailed. That doesn't lacked. That. I. Excuses lose this. Doug doctor of arcade and never go on guys I mean I think that that's pretty accurate I act I I really need to like she used. She I mean it's really irritating here she just like. He seems super over it so I guess you know but to lock up there. How would you feel. I mean I think that's what you have to ask yourself and you know how would you feel if you and seizures landing and use all Dana there and nine year old wily deuce and Tina. All. I don't know I mean I guess I would be and it. And I think I would understand that would be a little bit more understanding but I ought to go to hear her side of that armed. You don't understand. That I should I probably should a doctor first I probably should the doctor first. Isn't Dana the name of a girl who always causes trouble all way you played. If there is gonna be throw ahead in our friend group with the Dana is the one S and she's like definitely she's like a low key trouble. Yet I mean I fly under the radar channel she's the one roosters and dollop in the background you know and I'm she's out like get there Ali who is like getting drug and flashing guys at the bar. Dean as the one he's pulled burial society going I think Ashley has a drinking problem. Yeah very. She is probably staring quiche today on the entire wedding icons showing us. I think that's Irina that is kind of Dana that's that's all right below excelled as. Now I thank you original things HL thinks they sell. They Yale welcomed the showed Jolie how area. And I'm frustrated right now why. Oh my god I'm sorry Rachel oh route I mean saying OK well maybe I shouldn't matter the bread made. Not what one more person yeah get a getting it it would. All of her pregnant at a B and Maureen but since I look trend that they're that's ridiculous. It didn't turn Gingrich did I no wait I already but hey he's a reaction mentioned it I think I'm not annoy each day. Especially looking up there and seeing Dana. Plus plus. All the almighty god that it had just breaks my heart that they really I mean that she. It reaching down a friend that he knows that this would not their turn her and I did not allocate it to find out and belong grant. How being a woman is so complicated. It's not that complicated I agree thank you thanks Julia. Mean I don't what the big deal was for racial have quiche and the thing now seem to when she says she felt like she had to invite Dana that's. Come on. Sully worse yes Dade and Monroe you're not the game now area. I am not a dang I am not a troublemaker. Let's welcome to show. It breaks my heart went out here strains that are gallon at each other like this truth and don't like they don't get. Mad about Bobby had no letting up on that situation. Relating to how lynching it would not. I would not part of the party. They don't regular army coming ignorant Bryant surely. Ask people understand it with her she can't ever and I in the world at this air play you know it usually going to be all. What ever about how. Being. Apple did not in the net interest for and it didn't and and location. And happy at the wedding get rid. That's not our friend in the. Always. Saves it and thank you not Dana Dana Beijing and Decatur welcomed the shadow. Yeah Hezbollah. I'm not with say back to rate scroll is media at all. I don't care that you and they she was hurt and that was. You know achieved its brands so. At least that you know what I don't really big lineup what I'd like man me. They're hot really hot out waves. Some of the wedding planning aren't even coordinating the wedding ports the brighter shallots. So many things that you could do to equaled. Heart inched and they are still just a special as one of the flag me. In that. That beat at I've been plenty of weddings and I've been a a couple of bright may. That's why it's for the public the brides and I felt. What would it single a good day. I felt great so she's delusional. And she's an elite sort of a cot I think completion an important he's such a bad cell all right whenever the might that it SL all rights. Really enjoyed it even then that won't overeat. Younger are so fascinating. Thank you see age because if you're in a wedding right then they. The first say like any right odd guys have believes. That ratio of straightaway and raving no well I had a bad trance yeah. And again standards in the aiming out at a chip in and math and then me. Man. I know adding an I won an and a wedding what I do wrong they mad at each other recent pay me now it's time and this Dana. Just to lunatics. Do you guys ever hit as women when I see you guys are referring to women because that's had its X rated dressed women and how do you guys. Ever just get exhausted. By the thoughts in your own brain now. Little we just by we exhaust about a lack of thought to your brain. Hey it's called jett's brain a hamster wheel with a wheel fan. Did he ever just spend so much time going back and forth and you're just like I. I it is it mapped all this is so we think we're just we can't two steps ahead. And I just go crazy and I. That's myself in the shower and are you of the myself playing embed them on my hits and three hours as the city you're talking myself. There were heavily in Zagreb this. We actually needed to augment that is if you do that to you came in the other morning like I had a lot argument with somebody in my head these. I'm agreed to yeah arguments you take up space they have potential arguments that it is planning out what the conflict is gonna release unlike Canada could really speak your mind way. Thanks a lot of friendships or relationships or things like best of things like. Rachel and quiche and no I don't I never feel overwhelmed by them Elizabeth and flurry brown. Yeah I used to your thoughts and keys share racial sound. And not to. Hundred. I want to compare this column Rachel needs to quit making excuses and only what she did well watched she hurt her experience and she has any compassionate caring for her trench. She needs to Alter it. Great this big grew up next to each other life tomorrow and France might hurt. Examiner letting. You know that Dana was like only because of the group she was friends went. Was anemic at my actor. He sure is are free and as a parent about Isa I mean she can't even worsening chill why are you sure are are you worried about was. Her friend circle. And Herbert Stanley each and not even consider it what happened or quiche. Just I would put it kind of Congo and talk about it. This is insane. Why can't I I'm just blown away that I can't find one truck Nikki what society your body and team he should teammate. The eight. Or. Not. And yeah. You might yeah. I eat and what. Did you and here and making sure your reign at the shell. Thank you Mickey. And dean. Two. Thanks Nicky and I we're gonna come back here in three minutes there were gonna hear from a guy. Who is involved in the same exact drama yeah branding grooms were inside. Talked to him next. Czar not before one that I really grab some of these phone calls were wrapping up. Ghost signing with Rachel. And he shares. Because he's today to find out why she bailed on her friendship with Rachel and she tell us she thinks Chris and nine bridesmaids I wasn't one of them. We've been friends since childhood and that's. She had this girl in her wedding name's Dana who is in the reappearance saint. And that she visits to this decision when wedding she attended whatever she's players ever after that she's like I am so over at which sage. Pointed out if somebody says they are so over they are so not out of there today. An area OK I'm fine. I. And we're gonna have Dave van and Marianne and just as I am he's gone through is that similar drama. In my room side. Isn't really funny how much it's in your mind is the guy. Just saying is cut it's difficult being a one. Give a lot going women are playing chassis guys or played checkers I will says geologist focus on sandwiches and cleaning out my. I'm not gonna say that they give it Romany. I and then die in twenty minutes we get I'm possibly a 100000 dollars raised so. I'll make sure you're listening to you 20 this morning and also if you don't know your birthday look it up visually that. Dave and Mary and a how is how is it possible they you're dealing with similar drama. On the man side. OK I have actually acknowledged that chess checkers saying it's I don't know try to go to the she email local drama but I do appreciate it you know dish this scalded her mirror which me and tank on the candidates. I have most 32 items. And when my hasn't got married yeah you know American primary. End I wanted and invited the wedding. Now. I NHL you know and I heard you all the excuses like don't want to keep it small that I used not invite. And only a short cut so here's the thing now I didn't even know they got married till later. And so like I was like why are we know we mean we got there are no. And recreational Sherrod say well you know is there anybody about it to invite such that was shown jet Airways and America and there's gonna get a general air. And so I ordered destruction it's it's so much. It's it's really about social exclusion and what I'm married we had a wedding and you don't just. Take five minutes and make your exports or you don't it's ammunition to our are well thought out and did he get initially their lists on and so too. Each your your trip actually excluding. It's what it's a and so that aren't really there at the message and I do latch ditch you know it's huge so I really she nurtured or Linux com. I'm cordial Cisco and I certainly wouldn't you know count like I it really did my school. There is a possible road Dave that when doing the math. Mad if if he figured out that every gas is going to be 75 bucks or whatever because of food in. Stuff. Right there he's right well work cordial but were not close cell block chopped. But you know I I really have a guy I don't know I think Thomas accept it that Palestinians and. It's not patient. Your relationship. I do so by her not including quiche as a bridesmaid defines the relationship I gave. Getting excluded from his cousins wedding. It defines the relationship is like I don't love you as much as you love me and that it uneven and bite and I like aghast at the wedding met right that's definitely sent a massive day that bad dissenters saying you're not worth 75 dollars. It's not it's not really even in my I don't think. It's you're not saying you're now where a series that I should just saying there's a lot of people who are more worth 75 now yeah Andean. Kimberly Hambrecht haven team need Rachel are teams keep check. Oh my god I'm still nori irons are forgetting that great old big eight below. Are at this guy who and read. It hurt Kelly I don't know why it. A key on to really see this little. She'd like you won't bite you aren't included. Apart or are pretty strict. He's an easy but it will actually I'd rather excuse me into it or. You do. Already know apparently it is he should allowed to have her feelings surged. Now now and if there's a bright involved. She didn't go take. A group of eight. It. Should be happy to eat or. Cut a little girl and your link her. Kimberly you can always count on me to stand up for brides and what's right for women. An end game they end Kelly you will totally roll over and state team key share but I got. I got the brides back. The twenty year where in the mail 24/7 I'm I ma am where novellus solidarity. Now with the camera I'm Wal-Mart com Vivian and I'll take the oath of woman if you ask a. I am one and it felt encouraged now. On the ride flat in Egypt it would lock up a good. Got a little. She showed herself she about a brand not free yet. They would never ever ever put that on a French army at seven beds and we've been a brand that. Polished we don't do things like that you don't think I bet I'm getting man at my age you know I get me out you know under they were intellectually. Depleted right. So if you. Only had like six bridesmaids your seventh friend would understand. Why she's standing down no. Why am I if they're getting. We're letting that happen but I didn't make it a whole lot of money. As we have people gotten made a sprint got mail he get like twenty at age twenty that Brad made it much thought on how long. They made out of what they wouldn't look at it away. So are my god yeah. There's still fans at a wedding and divorce coming alive bridesmaids. I don't know. And they don't sit under a lot to me what's out what's what don't what was that couples name. Yeah yeah. I applaud you pass this message along I'm offended I wasn't asked to be a bridesmaid is there let us. When I ride aid's guiding get a phone. That's a tough. Sounds for the photographer whom. Obama got him hey hello Kyra back to the kind of a fish eye lens. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.