A Ghosthunting Request Andi and Joel

Monday, May 22nd

Nothing sounded out-of-the-ordinary for these two for a couple dates, so why did Joel disappear without a word?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all the net. Reduce. I'm gonna go go sitting in just a couple of minutes eye candy is continue control he goes it after two days. She wants us to go find and tell him that that is not okay. Food co signing happens here today announced today which I think gives the as the debate that we asked how. People look Goss did you want. Janis saying hello it's expanding. Lewis legacy goes goes setting on her behalf today. Hi eight. What's up Andy. Thank you pour the CI AMD's. I turn to situation this actually gives more more he's just that'll be days where I. Guys are naps drainage holes and unused. We went on and how we are kept seeing you know redo and and we leaves our own income. Well while presiding go on a date and the gate allow. Don't need leave Saudi or another. You know. Disappeared. Not as good which. I guess your way it'd. Be good morning mark hopman lives. Online dating and it's it's like. I I don't know if you rich generally you know I'm kind of in Cairo would it's. Just do you feel like we girlfriend yeah. Yeah I I was gonna say it's so annoying Casey thank you MS is so much time and that's right he did all the online conversation comports and then you do all the texting back and forth and many do all the telephone conversations back and forth and then after today it's just because Gillick got. Why I invest all that time. A student. Exactly now to the you know it do you winner and expects. And Kelly geez you can answer this as well do women expect after just two dates. A goodbye message if the guy's gonna dip out. It's. I ducked just common courtesy and I I think that's kind of I'm comment about not actually lake. The communication and it into a casualty stated. Something that you're happy continued during my bank and it's hard. To cut back but even attack. You know. It's it's nice I do think that is a little more of a luxury nowadays like especially an unarmed gone down on a day or two dates with a guy and now really tax among them. Just and that diplomat. Being courteous and are not intentionally doing I just not interested it's a ball this. And it also probably makes a difference on how you met is well because and I. And online data tender swipe for a match match totally different then make your friends entered issue right exactly look at that area but you know I introduce you somebody and I set you up with somebody and it ended you'd definitely should have a text message again courtesy text message remains leeway gap. Right Kelly. O. These are going to be a I can well. I want to review those earlier days goes just a middle of goes I don't know how hot hot hot hot so fast that I doughnut. I'd like late it's easier to goes on an online date than it is like. Your co worker sister's cousin right exactly they might run into an attack. All right so. Are you do you have any interest in going out this guy again or is this purely. The satisfaction. Of for you and your friends letting him know that ghosting ankle. Yeah I wanna go out and again I wanna know what happened and I wondered why did anybody I want and I wanna know what you are playing. I actually that would not the right way to handle it and nor do I ever feel like X ray handle it site is wanna know. Why he thought that was a cash. And you tell us a bit more about your two days when you do on the first on a what did you guys do on the second line. Why had he eats and now and we eat you know we just. Yeah I do like casual place and got to the bar in and done. Canada's biggest comeback. He even dropped we talked we had a couple of lying and he need I thought it was high and I are taking how excited. I believe we went out like we actually went to moody and the and we sent a little more competent people are. And how they like my extreme afterward then. An and I thought it was great it was. He asked in a prom after the movie and ask him. Didn't so cute on you know eye on a income at 8 o'clock in the coming up so you. But no. It is. Has getting. So another weird came up on the dates that you aren't naming your kids beat her name is Eric. And he's I have I really. Diving headfirst and our relationship talker anything like that. I want a wedding dress so you can I don't know. Dear to laying on the cocktail napkin your first name and his last name of hi while we've got his information from news so the way it works is. Over the next 24 hours will call him out commands into c'mon when has. And then you get to listen into that conversation we have at this time tomorrow with. Great I so I will put you on hold to make sure we have everything that we need and we'll talk to you tomorrow morning Andy at this time. Go go settings for jolt and the Jeff contention. Sounds good thank you yeah. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.