The Infidelity Question

Thursday, June 1st

A listener needs our help: Should he be honest about being unfaithful two years ago, now that he's considering proposing?

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Okay Terna Nande. The Japanese yen shell hole. Just engine show listeners about proposing his friend of three here this summer but he needs your help. Because his sister thinks he has to confess and infidelity. It happened in years ago before. He ever gets down on one any good idea bad idea. We need your help here in just a compliment. 100000. Dollars will change you were like in in thirty minutes. You can get the opportunity to play for 100000. Dollars major listening to the jet engine chip at 7 want me this morning. Every single morning at seven when he we give away 500 bucks sometimes you give way I was about. But it can only be if you're listening thirty minutes from right now before. So did and they said messenger has not use his name yet we he he. The Senate's amassed damp basement and that we offer to let him come on the show and he wanted to with the guys we have to waste. I said why heaters Wright but little paragraphs about it animal read. Okay answer this. This this summary his post on FaceBook was much longer this is if summary. Of what's going on okay he says I've been dating a woman for nearly three years. Two years ago. When I had a two week playing slash a fair thing. With a female and my girlfriend doesn't know about. Other people involved the only person who knows about the situation is my sister. This is the only time I've ever been unfaithful to anyone even writing that sentence makes me sick. Hate myself for what I did I want to propose to my girlfriend over the summer. And my sister thinks it's mandatory to tell her about my mistake before popping the question. When you get married full disclosure is required. Only other important details share is that there is zero chance I will have any contact with the other woman again. She was visiting town for one summer we aren't friends on any social media and I don't have any way to contact terror. We do don't work together it was just a thing between two strangers who are now strangers again. So. Question is do I have to make this terrible confession before I propose. Thanks for any advice you can count me 4042630941. Jane which UN and a you've been dating a guy for three years. And a year into it he went sideways for a few weeks. Now you're gonna spend the rest of your life that he's become either of your children. Ram parents to the grandfather here ram babies. The man you'll probably walk down the aisle with this husband and wife. This happened two years ago he won. It's a two way answer no and yes yeah I laughs yeah in my initial reaction is no but then it's yes. Because I feel like the truth will always come out in some way shape or form it will. It will be now somehow someway I don't know why that that's how it works in the universe. Butted it's what is it only be does that only show itself. If they need to be now I feel like it shows all his actions. Like. You might not be acknowledging this that it's in him and he says it makes them feel sick so I think about it so one drunk anyway there having troubles ports a couple of months. Later on in their marriage. And that comes crashing down in history it's acting weird he can't her about why. He had a chance teller and remembered it and not even worse and then it's deeper problem. Maybe I'll hammered and they're going to be frightened about car payments and I mean I've stated that. Day. That I. We have seen its two weeks willing to wasn't loses again on nights like he did that's the part that would hurt the most. Is that wasn't like a drunken make out listeners on the like days two weeks and then he tried to justified through the the message that we're not friends on FaceBook and imports. All what you guys know that. And I think that him acknowledging his mistake acknowledges that he's human. Right. I mean. We got relief he sounds like with that it's in game 40426. Theory. 0941. If you'd like to weigh in and that's. That is big game changer. That is but it is that true and it hits he is still as a warm rain. You're gonna Spain you're gonna be like wait a minute. He's now that this secret for two years. What else is the only hand. Couples work through a lot of stuff like I don't need a perfect and I need an honest. A low paying and my my option around my government you mean it there and if he's able to save at the casinos that. Serious like he does it for two years that's awful it's awful nick and everything he's about poster and at that point it's like if you're coming music and more able it through and I wanted to marry you before this yeah then. I feel like if this conversation goes well. You'll be able to tell me everything else might be. Naymick and Z and Jasper what's out. Yeah he need that now there are definite. If he doesn't make them their lot and as our media and the money we'll meet that I don't think. Yeah are easy. Alex in coming. Keep your mouth shut right Alex. I should tell her you. Oh. Yeah we're together I. And all I think should happen. On the you're played pretty. We meet. I think that they are. Younger those. Because it's not it's not based on some Lina and on the whole truth. There's got to be there have to be people in the world today about the 40426. February 094. Line that's our phone number you have to confessed infidelity of years ago. Before you propose marriage is someone for a 4630941. And she I'll star. This guy needs your advice he's been dating him for three years he wants to propose to her this summer make proposals so romantic. But his sister says he has to confess. To meet infidelity that he had two years ago. Before he proposes how do you know. Well as by the way your lit up 4042630941. If you would like to share your wrong opinion. I'm clean it's wrong to it disagreed few days that the Obama stepped law. But listen how let's see guys like how does that argued that. The data when meego and and and query. But firth. He just asked to have that heart to heart conversation. Used to all the conversations with. This can be tough to say but I have to say yes and then there's your opening. Rachel and Madonna. A good morning guys Lux on I I think I'd he got it back. As if they can't if they can deal with it up front and they can do and anything. Mayor yesterday really need a solid foundation and to be different than they've been. Decade or so and I agree with her hundred person that he doesn't have read perfect but he needs to be on. So rates are you you you're taking it one step for the year saying not only is he became fast but in order from there are urged to be successful. All main must fool around on their girlfriends in my yeah. Order in order and that's what I heard outside France Canada actors and Joseph. Says she got here growth that's and I know national. He says beyond the work through it. Let's see. Moret and in Norcross and team jets absolutely positively do not Eleanor. Now I expect that very unique Albert beaten and I'm glad that girl I actually look at me and I had yet. It back there are a whole lot of them and you know I thought about having every actor and former double barrel I. But it was an hour and a Clinton. Went OK but like with him was he in the relationship weighing in. He proposed. And a little while that's totally different this is that playing from 24 months ago. When you read it totally different president than it was like a different world. We can't even go compete. Out. A it was a it was a thought it was a totally different time and feet he wasn't I think Cathy Griffin was still hosting CNN's. Theaters saying. It will come out and part of his flattered that he Rotella says that his sister is the one who knows about the situation. And again. Because then what is the sister tells her. Somewhere down. At that. Yeah it's a matter of so he has to kill the sister. That's very each entry in biblical. And looted his sister Hungary and I. Good point and well it's supposed to tell they all have the diet and I actually she thinks she's right she's probably telling other people and you guys are either red riding. Well that's happening on terror. I'm Kelly chief worry. Irina. Young girls are gonna Amy I'm on team Geoff thanks it's not that I wouldn't wanna know I guess maybe Iowa it. Two years ago now has been two years and you bring it up right the first rose of rose to me like him or they are and I feel like I wanna marry you like it's. Owners and if not. Only the union. Yeah I certainly don't wanna marry the part of him that I don't know about our well without the man used him. As two years yeah I mean you're happily currently with someone who's still being dishonest if not years he's still moaning at that reason is the reason why you've been in need no office for two years. We'll annually now. Maybe be I even come and has some Minnesota Jane Harman hammer and out of the red flag event. There's a mutated in my townhouse. Jeanne let me ask you this in the interest of full disclosure. Do you group in front of town that. He's not lying about taking notice she doesn't know as you aren't here now and I'm Ellie. Well he goes I have never started swallowing so. Though does that mean that we have some sort this out as the marriage because she doesn't now that I did say me. Our relationship that I never want it now if you mean I'll be fine just like in the beginning and I never need to know if he's. Like. I I don't mean that he's need to know that I do you mean it's improved continuity towns passed him so that's a note melody. Into. Malady joining the show from Kenneth fat thank you for lowering yourself to the standard. Yeah. Yeah absolutely he at thank you. Melody you know wanna know. I would not want and I went and told the order and I have not found out on the order and and I you know exactly. That you. You know. TV and asking oh where you are seeing that I'll say. It you're at it. And each pill that acts you are back in there late and eat it. Yeah confidentiality. And it. And he's worked that out Allen and not all that you met her yet. You and your colleagues by telling somebody you never get back. Yeah he's never going to be yeah you need it now it's basically it's like walking announcing your partner grouping. I'm now you can never contain that. That if there are paying mentally invested a relationship that he was and and fell for this person and Ian emotional attachment to this really has two weeks then yes. It was two weeks it was physical he is a dude. You know offer. Like it happened two years ago and the beginning operations center he should be flying about you and you hear a jet everybody approves but everybody doesn't cheat. Mean Kelly a smooth. Yo girl that I remember but. And that's why are hard. I'm Robert in Alpharetta we'll get a guy's point of view laughs and then will continues. When he got Robert. So somebody writes it might foundation metaphor I was gonna compare our house. I this year if you're starting your relationship or are we gonna start a marriage and you know how to list. You party got cracks in the foundation exists. It's going to be. Two years down the road and everything all the parties because they want to share. I just think. It once your marriage should be a safe place to be totally 1000 that who you are intact all the scars and ugliness and all the imperfections. And you love each other through it you love each other anyway so I they're gonna be that problem be married. And he's not. He's going to be fully himself mistakes and. I want you back that up. Home today yes and who opened the bathroom door wide open on do now what you call grant and then asked to bring you rest them. Thank let's. Let me know how that goes. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.