Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave Part 1

Wednesday, December 7th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to. Once stunning and formalize our agenda is this this whole story Emma shares tiny little bit of now. And and she can back me if I was on hold. On a couple of meant we re talking about this. Long months I mean this isn't we could talk about this literally cents a the first the ratings of Asia. How many gas that's so a month after the show started so he ratings about one month probably some time in the middle. It's been an ongoing ear for it yes it's really been a burden in so I try to give you that they shortest version. Possible in the house you know what I'm dealing with that anybody can offer some insight. Please share with me an hour or next week. The short version is. I have I'd have rather radius man. And most beautiful gentle awesome. Perfect. Greatest guy and I'm on the planet everybody who meets him loves me so in your upper. We also big David Davies so selfless is so kind. And 80 man yes and and there's nothing bad about him. But yeah his gotten himself into a situation they united oath he carried. He has met a woman. Who lives. On the other side of the art she lives in the Philippines. And he met her on line. And they are in a situation they have reached the point in the relationship. Where he is going to travel the other side of the her and meet her to start the process of merry. Which. If I thought it was legit would be the greatest thing in the war. Every. Fiber in my body tells me that this is this. And that's where all the details of going to it is different time every fiber in my being tells me this is this. And in its us from how they are from she approached him she randomly send him a friend requests and I cheated from the other side of that there's. Games perspective it gave even talked to me about this at your wedding. He is in law it was meant to beach and he he feels like Todd brought them together in and that this is his future wife that he wants to be with these had a real love that after asking get on board and here's the dilemma. He's about to doubt he's going rate after the first of the year and could be putting himself in serious danger so I have a choice. I see you again ever I believe with every fiber in my being. This is a scam. And you've been taking an eight art its eighth yes goodness his belief and humankind. Is being taken to sell UV so if I don't help them. Now and he goes and something happens. And these are either physically financially. Right if I don't help him and he goes in and the consequences that if you are and on their feet and you'll terrible. You help him every fiber of my being is saying. You shouldn't be going and if something happened. That I'm gonna. And you guys patents on many. Hours. Hours he just can't see it for years now. And you feel like he's Italy and he feels like it to you 100%. I've lifted in and I'd lifted. Doesn't act. Like if these warnings when we went through ET. And he says acting. So are we talk about all of the things he found online. I got in the Philippines. I just have to I just have to spend the week and and raining but I've got to. Talk about it is he beat he's meaning. It. And there's nobody says he's going to atom bomb exploded. I'm just an a bomb outside the embassy. If travel warning against traveling the country specifically the Ares. Outside of the relationship. There's just being being that of the world. I sort of Raymond but it literally for the past 48 hours about new thing. Reefs and the only thing. Next week were August solve this problem together lately aren't who can come together and figured out he can't read into that renters and. Actually didn't have. All the army will be talking about it next. The phones are ringing off the yeah. Yeah. He's running get this done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. And spring come a little early enough. To just enjoy and Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and.