Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave Part 2

Wednesday, December 7th


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They jet engine shop. Phones are jammed it. Right now you're feeling better finally talking about it. This isn't gonna informant Jeff is in fifth. Big time internal struggle right now on what to do to help news. Rather big gave. Oh. Open or not help them because they just don't see eye to eye on this beat Dave is in love with the woman he met online who's in the Philippines. And Jeff thinks that big Davis kittens AM. And be able isn't Jeff and Jeff Wallace in a big day that he is about to go. Across the world to meet this aluminum parts. I've been my compartmentalizing. And processing it just like thing I talk to obviously talk to my dad because we're half Brothers and and yen so I'll talk to my dad is you know well. It seemed that and talk about it and obviously now he hears about it and you were heard about it but he hasn't been urgent an email from 48 hours ago. Email saying hey I hear my knees about it is about about. And in music is in the whole thing is amp for either money or. Money and I think it's my own money summer welcome to the sheriff. And I got here I am I want. On our blog. On that Turkey it ain't gonna and I hear only here and sheet Jerry. And she just wanted to do it and then he didn't imports at him. And at. Actually in Atlanta. I actually have the example I know my uncle. That alone and Brandon per real and they'd met over the Internet I am. Via video game and they ended up on you that togetherness and about fifty years now the other hand. My mother. This guy eat they had planned. He's right over in Afghanistan I am. That wasn't an army. Of the story a story. They do it over there that contact their hand right when he went out they come back he apparently they had they had added I get that. We came up and it hockey mind and go she truck that tried it they that they you're looking at. It out he's like I need some on all my passport Mittal might be. Oh. She spend money because she they have yet to eat and then she hurt and yet how did they originally meets. Because I'm on 98. Betty that here in the day you are in the eighth. I'm Kelly it sort of play. Then your story. It and I. He would contractor has yet to go look at it and they go back quite accurate and I'd edit your brother is back. By what he's about to duck with the big can of cat and she gonna stay out all you got a question did he see NIH or help you beat me later. Yeah yeah it is that she's already asked for money at some point while that's when. That's the thing. Is. They. This damn is. She day never asked from. In that part of laying so what would happen. Eight race. Hit that things they cut the things that cause me a lot number one they didn't meet playing video games again late that you know first person. And they didn't meet on some mutual she randomly friend requested him I'm. On base and in when he responded. She he's quite good friend request master at this and I'm that your. Numbers issued brain she picked them out. Rain right there. Like white dude lives in North Carolina. About age allowing this and yes it's the same goal it's a profile rights. And she probably sent hundred of those that day while she sent. That's another part and she sent several speakers we found. Other mutual friends who look and works similar page Dave. And Alley actually reached out. In the once responded yet no news. That these are my idol don't want to disrespect him because he's though he talked to him he talks about her the same league you talk about rain. I talk about Alley and my father about my mother. It's. He's in love yes. And she's a real person has their face timing mats. So. And he sees her. He's. It's like he's blind. The possible. That reality. That. Might show him that it's possible that. Listen welcome militia. Hate declined to say that I'd never really hurt anybody. Ever any. Actually it shouldn't send learned salad and kind of let low. Ahead how did that that idea of the multiple and quite a while many people at making it. And scam out of there alive though out there acted. This could have a really bad about this so why should it. Okay. No no. They're so different levels to the story to elicit that Jeff has been talked to. Him in his mother's jewelry. Way. All these different things that you've seen. Because there's a pattern asking. Us maybe it's better. I respect every day yes there's a pattern. Of programs. In the Philippines reaching American and yet and the pattern that goes. Yes you learn. A verse in India power. And yet she's it's. As the power. Our. And he's out. Some of the art and that's. How it's. That's how this gamers never asked for money because they never come out and say I need Howard well what they say he news. We can't talking Barbie and power. And then because there's huge difference. Fifty dollars. That means a huge deal. For the most part and as much as it is but in the air. In its work and kind oh. I Tammy you realize common law eighths just announcing that its combat stress and outrageous. You vanity or more organized fashion story underneath Austin on it and meanwhile. Poll saying. I'm from mountain. They let you. And did. And my girlfriend you yeah. That is how old man and I actually said you know he lit the equipment that it and. And when I didn't eat. I think they believe list told I was eight yes certainly answer and I. And my children. It could it be I. State. And yeah where did you Wear what country. Well. Hold on okay. It. I've done enough. He needs to. Star in 941.