Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave Part 3

Wednesday, December 7th


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If your drive and knows drown out traffic and national all did your boss. Join us for themselves in a row every why you are today one story now before blind. And I'd be in an idea battery. Died at our true. Vote fields and well it depends on if you wanna keep talking about it. Jeff has to honest I could talk. Rather epic game and everything going on with him he wants to fly to the Philippines to meet a woman and he's on and found love. Jeff believes it is the wrong thing to do it in scans. Big Dave doesn't turn eight and so they've been going back and forth on this hasn't come to ahead until. It ages but does so it's empty if you wanna keep talking about big Dave look into about it if you don't want to then I'll just say that. Kind of compartmentalize that I've got him at that in the several months come apart and analyzing stuff on on your life and that may MF. But I've just really even for a I've never truly am in a situation where I'm afraid for someone like then like. I am afraid of I'm afraid of I mean it's a fear of some of life like. Obviously when Rees gets sick or anybody gets very sick and it Alder or child you're concerned about the weld. But. You also know that. I. The people around them putting them in the best possible there. Yeah I mean though isn't it wasn't a choice they were accusing put themselves in danger right there and Dave's making that choice. To put his life in danger right so the different news you've tried to stop them. They will listen but it's not the aegis won't listen that he's just not that it doesn't even. It's it's literally like having a conversation. We if you somebody's having parity in the united boy this guy is beautiful today that all those are out. You look at that when he went on the yes there and I don't budge. That's what it is. He doesn't budge in the last phone probably to weed out a few minutes ago was a woman who. Had to be rescued by the FBI the FBI had to get involved and she'd be rescued. After she was kidnapped and held for ransom in the Philippines which is legit concern that I have. Or date. And. He's been in his life in danger his financial feature and danger and the financial feature of your parents and you and anybody who loves big day because. They could to. You know hold on for them. Yeah an army unit in the senate he now in the such as this is that really the only thing that really made me angry is he wrote in his team now. He's like and I'm telling you and I I'll also tell that if something bad for me happens to me over there. Don't worry you guys don't have to do any. Went. From possibly bad so I get a phone call from somebody over there and says a we have. I David you've got seven days to come up with and 2050000. People or. That we Neeson in taken and how it works right how it works and somebody calls out I'm gonna go all know by your ego problems adored about it. Yet I mean. As possible. It. Well. Mapping distracted because yes completely brother on planet earth is about to put himself in danger don't sorry about that of course I have an affiliate as a follow the pattern of Asia. It's funny we're allowed to break schedule swell its content Jeff NG and show it. I know but like yo aroused with yet he. Hate he went in a hurry and I'm glad I wouldn't rule out the main. I want it all here because you're ailing lingering Lauren is it and like oh they're just. Little relaxed maybe actually hurt and out people daughter's worried about you know hey it will not a good idea it is probably all hand. Come into it like. Only when you let other people and listen what they're going true. Am like. You don't get your whether or can't. Money and buy it addition bank when you're like oh OK I'm not let all your latter. People get all my gosh it really does. Not know any more real. He might help. You don't want to go to you know when it came out quick Internet to other people. Well his argument is always like there's a good story. In and I note that I hate I 8000 personnel that it is a beautiful country. I know people who. And there I know people who are married. People from the eye and I have no problem with the Philippines or rattling there there's beautiful park and zero issue with united being filed. Might just think that the he's getting statement because it follows the pattern of this scam is this woman was in legally and yes I would feel the same exact way writes yeah insane but regardless. It doesn't matter. Weird he's just so happens that the part of the country he's going to. In the regeneration of steam and in the east following. And he understands that once he's an American traveling there he follows their rules and laws not ours. And Lorena. Anything even a middle ground I suggested that I even offered to fly her here but it's not possible to get a visa to come to the United States and the word. To go somewhere else. Really know a little country that they're like science let you know on any. I can propose that that to him by hiking and guarantee. I was Smart idea it's a Smart idea. And I want you know they should just safer country Saturday and you might be able to get some type of security to go attempt is. And then they. Now you don't have. Security and then. Yeah Jamie endowed with bill thanks and injure. An accurate I don't think you do you care. Yeah I hit a ground ball. Mean he he has he has the right to make a darn chilly and out and I believe inspecting and being. I know 100%. Under. And they're coming from my brother in law. Denmark with a girl let their employee or let up a correction he moved to not play another another girl she married her outfit to bluster they're waiting married years he scored it. So Jamie spears. And Jamie here's here's the problem I appreciate your passion and I a hundred an agreement the but here's where the issue comes. Out and had the pattern that this has followed. Is the pattern of this game that's one through whatever. And I know other people who have bought. As it's ever been in a relationship before. Being EU relations home court. She just got them beat you guys go to two. But that didn't get it he gets. Mad but only. OK Jamie I get that I'm get I get that but the problem is his choice in that explained to me and my father because it gets over there. Part of one part of the scam is they get you into a hotel room. We do woman we're gonna marry. And her husband walks in adultery is a crime in the Philippines where they mandatory prison sentence that husband today. And I never see him again. No that's not what happens husband watt it's a scam says it's not about getting arrested the husband walks in and says. I never tell you come over here that you did you get out and he makes his wife leave he says that in the hotel room and we've aide and says. You give me 20000 American dollars or I'm calling the police you've got 24 hours ago. Then what he then what do you do it it's his choice Amy. But then what do you do when we get that funk. Any of parents are retired they're on a fixed income they changed their future changes Jeffs feature with his wife. They are being. I have excellent story you really needed assistance my brother out white out there ultimate goal being named Anna. She large enough and everything to play longer at three years. And Eric and simply won't happen and then he had in the mountains and then you shoot on inheritance. And she want that it's 401K age and kids to college signs saying he had. Everything into the ball and dean and eight in the gap and my parents. Put up another loan amounts earned and then. You know that they're looking Turks and it turned out she was won't force the company in the United States and she's scare and are the same time. Boof did he ever go over there did she do it all long distance. No she was eight pain when I was there. And that he would won't they are she he would lose sight of the locations. In them because she could he can be seen the pair with is her and her husband. And so it warmed my Yugoslav back and then try to get married and situated and then slowly but boy. Brought them to act as he want to read any and everybody had eaten apple cake and that that struck you get local then didn't expect. Didn't see him because he's government LaMont. So is your brother so embarrassed by this he doesn't talk about it or would he be willing to talk with Jeff and Dave. I'm global golf could be included it. RM and EO yeah it's bad. I. Well that pulled out a Kennedy information. Yes Cindy thank you so lets you and the calls nonstop and every one of them is a scam. Hammer. Hey dad aren't. And I I'm I until they learn I as a born here but my mom and I'll let let forward looking. It's it's not a normal there are a lot of Filipinos trying to get out of the country because the country is eight. Yeah and so on it runs and our family and I had renal failure there and try to Mary into America actually you know why mail list at all. But the difference is that. They know that they will be able to have a big old Mary for years. For decades in the Indian act have a family members who have been jet back. My mother. And yet they do that they do thinking maybe do you tend to spend a lot of money so all the well. But it's not a typical scam that you know a lot of country. She's not gonna leave him you know if anything she will get me a chill Kamal Derek and they'll stay married you expect that he'll have. I word but what part of the country your family from justice. On the other. From the very big debt exploit arts not Manila Tuesday but the parts we're. Lovely. Kind. Can't link that. That's all right thank you amor. So amber situation will be the best case scenario right if she was just trying to. Use him to get out of the country just three choke if recent. Balance. Love and know your sister now sorry. In case you haven't heard it today looked down. And no one noticed that colonies on enhancing discovery of the jumping ship shelter and star Nady for a one.