Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave Part 4

Wednesday, December 7th


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It's daunting to. Yeah they're wearing an all over eighteen yeah. A little girl and I. Jet's engines show ansari no need for a look at. There are a couple of days ago I told you guys about this. Developing story in the dollar I am I got a half brother's name is games. And he is planning to travel to the Philippines. The end of January to meet for the first time a woman that he only knows via the and he is in love with this woman. He things that she is perfect. He thinks there may be he is making tremendous. Financial sacrifices. Go halfway across the globe meet. Media on the other hand I think it's eight portals. I ain't that she is manipulating him. Financial gain at least. Possibly for American's citizenship now basing this on. Am not on. It happening like. I've done some research on this and I and he's putting himself and I mention it and really. Dangerous place. Oh. He came up on the show a few days ago beat it east and and on January. And roomy and we started talking about it on the air and he listens. And with the brave. He listens and in the North Carolina worry so. We exchanged text messages warning that we talked about it when everything that he said was. I could just have a commerce each of which and they know each other. Didn't hire friends Indonesia for years and acting out a lot around Kevin Kelly's wedding time. He was in town for all of the festivities and we talked about her. Leaves we talked about Lee's event. And in he wanted me to hear more of his side of the stories that he felt like maybe I can present back to Jeff. And get Jeff to change his mind. So yesterday and the show I just asked Jan in my case sometime next week yourself. Will you have a conversation with Dave I don't wanna be apart because I don't want to influence you've obviously heard my side. Of the story is about a one and Nolan and I don't eat there and now and the air eulogized the eight opt. And and let me know when you when you talk now walk in this morning and as we talked. Now act okay. Dave and I talked yesterday we were on the phone for on an hour better part of an hour. And we knew we got right to it he was asking about Reese and decent to sweetheart he's such a faithful man and he's in green parents we talk every little bit. Well chit chat yeah we dove right perfect to. To this woman and so. He was doing from the very beginning he feels like you got that. A bad first impression of her because of how they met. So he weekend to defend how they Matt okay. So they met because she spent she sent several messages to men on face yes. Same message yes. A lot of different yes you'd feel like she's casting a wide net yet to see if she can practice and get on the hook for whatever scam and it might be. He feels like on and she's explained to him that she didn't wanna pay for the online dating services. So instead of online dating she was looking through FaceBook for Christian men. And so he defended that part to me because he felt like she was only. Looking for a Christian man and that on anybody she sent a message to. Had something about being Christian in their profile. Okay. Did he go into duty give you an explanation on why she was looking for Christian man completely on the opposite side of the. I he did tell me about her and her relationship he told me that they have spent over 700. Hours at least on the phones should anxious listen right now missionaries. Because I just I wine. It's of CO OK. The reason that I believe that this is shady. Is because there are stories on the Internet and now stories that I am hearing in person since talking about this and the the first time. Stories and hearing in person about people who who have been taken advantage of under these circumstance. There are consistencies. In those stories. And one of the consistencies. Is that the man place ads on online dating sites. And the women use those ads that bind those guys and other forms of social media predominantly faced a and reach out to them and can act we damn. That way. Because then they don't have the pay for the online. Dating site and that is how they find the man because the online dating site says I'm single I'm available I'm looking for some and I'm not attached. You know instead it was on and I'm finding states though. Yes my flags went up with the way they met because when I looked into this. The first three things that happened between him and her are this first three things that happened in. Every scam story that arrowhead and ends. Well I agree I mean I if I you know going into this conversation with him there's rats red flags up for wrecked you know it's a ton of I didn't hear him care about Dave and he really isn't law and so one day. Able to hear him out and here's the whole story. And we can go into more of the nitty gritty of it but I have to say overall. He's not yet. There's no. Commencing him not to. And that's after the entire conversation that was way I came to its no matter what we say. Or what things that we pick apart and that he has an answer for because she has an answer. And he's only list and far and he's only listening to her side of things and although he. Will listen to your sightings or or asked for proposing well you know and he's not an outfits are not about that he will. He will default a lot of because he is in love with. And obviously we all know love makes you blind to things and I think that he is blinded by his feelings for her. Is he kept saying I'm telling each and that's not this woman. I know that there are scams out there yes. It's not her. So it comes back to her and comes back to. Her family and her kids advertise the community and he keeps defending her she's taking big risks meeting meat and notion. So. He. I mean I tend -- you know he said a couple of things that made sense to act. But I just have to say and it's that full conversation he's getting on that plane and he's going to the Philippines and I don't know if weakened stock. I really don't know if there's anything that we can say are due in less maybe he talked to somebody who has experienced this already. May be. If he heard. Several other stories I know we originally talked about this on Friday there was a lot of people who reach out here. Yeah and there are several phone calls that we took from people who experience it's a maybe it's and talking to them directly and warning him. But I still think of all those warnings he's an. Did you bring the fact that in going. It came in physical harm it's already financially damaging. He hit him that's worth he is taking out loans. Hugh in order to fit because if you see it from his perspective he's in love and he's going to meet future. He and his owners and the rest of their lives together. And that they are meant to be to gather. It's God's will that they match. And so there's that portion of it to its eighth peace is a part of as. And it's not God's will it hurt sending FaceBook messages to three dozen random guys who are. All right so he's gonna go. I think he's going to. Judy did you bring us we also listens to the channel and that she's been able to listen online to talk about it and she is well aware. All she's listening right now I want her to know that you are terrible person who uses the emotion of really really kind hearted. Big hearted Christian people for your own game. I think you should leave him alone I think you're an awful person. If you are a Christian I think you're probably setting yourself up for a lot of time. Because to use God's name in order to influence somebody that you things for you late this. You're awful. You're an awful awful person and if you heard him I will give you. She listens. Well I hope she heard. In here's what they've set. Is she knows Jeff is really Smart and she knows Jeff is really skeptical of her. And she still wants to be with me and she still wants to meet me she still wants his money. Just to know how we can convince him otherwise. Because I listened and I think that his perspective is that she is a good woman and unless we can prove otherwise. I think he's still going. I we can prove otherwise I sent him an email back in the beginning of this outlining twelve. Flags. Of this being a scam is as a scripted skiing yes. Knew she dating back nine of them nine of the two unity say it's a coincidence. Well here's what he says that he wants to do. And yet. You're on NAFTA to break back. UK yet and hoses and hard about it but if it's fine I just looking at the time and then in. And now it's so emotional because it really is putting him. In a lottery is there's a lot of danger here there's it is frightening there's physical danger. There news. Financial danger and I expansion. He is putting mere rings he's putting. Out there and race. If something happens to him over here and we have to gave him. X my other week item. That affects my ability that they'd find a home with my DYE. Think that it's it's not. Raleigh that are Ling and it's not I gonna take two days off work and go pick up Dave. I know we talked about all that too because he told me where exactly he's going in the Philippines and I'm like it's not the same easier if we don't have the same rights and freedoms and civil liberties there as you do here. He's talking about you know think you know dangers episodes and things have happened in the united swears he's pain. He said he doesn't know yet she's working. He just has this. So. So here's what he wants to. He wants is to come up with a list of questions to ask him and then he will answer those questions because. As we were you know Todd and I yesterday we were kind of just all over the place you know like there was no rhyme or reason to which way we were going in the conversation of the story and it does that. So he was like it will be a little bit better if we can come up with some questions I'm wondering if Jeff engines show listeners are starting for one family again involved and help us come up with the questions for Dave that will make him think about that. We can see him we can we can't let him all but I don't know how to stop them from. You can I mean I can write they we can write the questions and hold happy to take any important right. All he's gonna do is take those questions and run them by her and twist up and answer. Like here's my first question do you really believe. That she was saying over 3000 miles away and she randomly picked guys in just sent the mass is there and like why would you do that. Why would you do that and the other side of the why would you do. I guess if I'm I'm single I was single. I wasn't like I am a bit bigger hook up next month. We see who's available and are now. Seattle. They know now here and Tinder for close proximity to confer a repeat yeah. So. I've found foundering in willow. It is you know that's nice yeah together with those questions can be for him. I just don't. Maybe isn't as even questions it's like have you thought about this. And I'll take some. Know this note paperback book militia. Hey I'm actually applicants under innings and scenes but that she recognized here and look at the show. Which he dealing you know. Get in Tokyo on air and you can see you know lacquered when he actually yourself been. You know I'm and other international. I he's asked to meet or talk to her and I have no I don't want to. Because I think there is nothing she can say that from this dark. People who are looking for relationships. Don't kind at Maine on the other side of the world for no reason he taught. Really great these are finding. It you know. I'll look like scared straight I mean I that you you you know he's back here and maybe she'll back off from Nixon Cox from him. If you've ago. But then does he blame you early are we there ruining his chance that we love if we never speak again but I saved his life I don't care. Eight camera. Kidnapped at the time I'm all right what are you doing. I'm very concerned here and learn has stayed on clinic that anyone at the FBI. Now I asked him yesterday if he had registered his trip with the American Embassy here if you talk to anybody. Officially. Abouts his trip and he said no but that he did talk to the woman at airlines. When he put his lights and that there are a lot of American men that go to the Philippines. I'm concerned about. I really think he needs that part someone at the FBI and then also. If that burst and I can't caller lady looked into the radio which she in his that they can't date when you get over there to really Qatar and. And me too. And I think that's the dilemma that I have. You I helped him ago. And say look you need to stay in American hotel and you need to do this need and I talked him through it but then if he goes over something happens it's and the rest Miley feeling. Terribly guilty for helping him oh or two I'd let him go and let this woman who. It gave if you're listening listen to this you're letting a woman you only know for nine months pick I. I a place for you to this day in a. Aren't they in a country where. Control himself he did not let someone else in Newburgh new over there. You should not got on my into very passionate about it. I'm not a very sticky. Not tonight it actually get outside of the united. They they hate it and it US and then it this week limit under violent day they need to be scared straight. That's mommy's not here not and that's what I was talking with him about yesterday and even. Jeff we were talking about this possibility even if he stays at an American hotel. And let's say there's a percent chance that she really is in love with him wants to be with him yet. When people around her potentially take advantage of an American yes we would know about her meaning him. Hey there's those risks to all right Joseph. And to. It actually can quickly how active he gonna have to start dealing with the emotion of him going. I have family members that have had surgery in other countries with. You don't get a ticket and it America that are an American college. Eighteen with at least a country that. Commitment not to know they still don't know why they want that body care they're not coming back or whatever the case may be. We don't have to do a little emotion early days I think he can actually choose I mean the whole world is listening the whole world will be watching him. You already put that blanket a safety over him and have confidence and it's great that he go with safety. And now work on yourself and your motion attempt on a Karachi. I. That's going to be the hardest one. Now indeed. We. From eagle and. I know some people who have said it. Intelligence information reached out to you if you've followed up with municipally now on. And people. Oh. No. And Michael's. Received lying down. And down hard sealed for a little else wife kidnapped from before you. Peachtree City and all over eighteen yeah. It's very common overload on the jet engines Yahoo! on saw no need for a long line.