Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave Part 5

Thursday, December 8th


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Blair doesn't feel like you're we have hundreds of turns on when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starring nutty or blind. Big game is Jeff's brother and they're very close we love big days he's a friend of mine and we think he is putting himself in some danger. And they skiing ski mountains he's fallen in love with a woman in the Philippines have been talking about this on the show for the last couple days and he's but despite. And wants to go and nobody yet has been able to convince Dave. That is there's even potential of asking he's so in love with this woman. Now we feel like he's gonna go no matter and Jeff just me a couple of minutes ago that Dr. Phil knows the story. Dr. Phil knows the story which is shutout if you will to my wife Hallie. Who win this started to happen. Doug game. And probably win this much passion or more passion than I have. And finding out the truth and exposing this woman and she one of the way she did that issue reached out to the doctor fellowship. And they called me actually called me the week of my way. And they started to talk about the possibility of helping. Those that we in my wedding. Couldn't really get into it and I like cable well and as you know last week. He emails me and says hey I've got a plane bomber planes. At which point I reached back out to the Dr. Phil people and say. Are you still an arrest and we spent an hour on the phone yesterday. And they said. Absolutely. We adds that this is a fascinating story and we cover these types of cat fishing stories all the time look I just what's like textbook case we wanna. Help and said they can help prove whether she's real or not right. So that we have to ask Dave if he will go and be on the Dr. Phil show. Don't go to California and yet now go with him a quieter Cali will go with and you can go if you line a kind man and he's gonna go on the show. But I think the angle is he's gonna go on the show either approve. That she's real or fake and if Dr. Phil says that she's real and as a 100% story that I have no choice but to support team and help him go and help you save as and but if Dr. Phil says this is a scam and didn't it that might be what opens the eyes yeah. And in talking to Cali about it last night. We think you should ask him and not me. Because you guys have had so many butting heads conversations. So far about her well especially if he's hesitant about it. You're gonna be more gentle than. If he's hesitant you're gonna like Aaron flipped out of frustration some might go out and really work can we call him right let's. I. A. A. What. You know take. Hey how laureate did he. That would try to learn English can work around wooten I don't know truckers out. Okay. Michael. Am so it's not your email and I appreciate you taking the time to go through some of those concerns and you got to hear. Our conversation about it on the air yesterday right. Yeah I did before and you said that you have been satisfied beyond a doubt that her intentions are true with you. Yeah. So. So she hasn't given niece she hasn't given me saying. And you don't part of what I think you know as soon as it is sort of our new without. You know decide that. I was sort of you know wanting to be hurt was that this hasn't you know woman in her one needs doesn't work it's. A year in net of DC eighties. You know those lives you know children living with their parents and start sort of established womb and you know that it's matured. As a and it it it's her job she says she's in government. As three incident as you know children in school and college. And our. You know also lead to include kids in our. Trying to better themselves in that way. So looses and well I would say from my research. In the typical. Luminous came in and. And and you guys share the same faith and I know you guys talk about that a lot. She's certainly need any religious woman and I mean I know because have been. You know we Skype to her church and what she knows of that church and being handled stripper to cheer cheer him. Either he didn't Richard Sloan America programs. You know. Sell the candles outside to church. And you know tortures should be held parent which is stopped parliament being in the church. And you know even from her mother trade where their mother and you know we prayed. Haley. It's sort of and she's proven to you without a doubt that she is true and that your feelings for each other troop. She hasn't yet proved that to your family to Jeff ward to your dad. And I know that your family is just as important to you. If not more than she does and so slowly. If there were a way that we can prove to your family that she is it before you go then. Your trip is right your trip as he supports you if we approve that before you. Yes that would mean that would absolutely make me sort of better. Questions asked. I I'd okay. Though there's someone who's offered to talk to you and tell. And his name is Dr. Phil. Now there are. Like really in three days of its would you be willing. You go to California. And talked to doctor. Or apple yeah. Even your dad could go ice it and I'll go and sit down and talk to the Dr. Phil show. Present sued and everything and your relationship. And with their real sources. We can either prove that you're absolutely right. And this is a safe trip for email or we can prove that maybe it's not so say for eating. Well. OK so. First. Saying that you know even those conversations at that every. Les doesn't know. Total current you know he talked about urban radio the other day. She's not she's pretty private. Person period. And I'd say here's some new routes to the culture and in the 94 point one listeners. You know that are Filipino. Who in turn didn't concern has touched someone other culture is its own. And I don't know into something like that Cilic I assure. In October. It at my intention and gain. The to go on the show I don't personally have a problem with that it's very public of course are ongoing and doctors so you know. Do republic after. So yeah I don't think he knows okay. I'm glad you're open tonight because. That's at weekend and proof that she is sushi says she is and your relationship is what you believe in your heart of hearts that it ends. And if they print that and that's a separate publicly. Erica. About it. And then we can follow with you tomorrow and talk to Jeff. It would. Make me. Really happy to be able to. Load to be able to get him that she is she says he is saying that diets are. You know Lucius and you know it is moment you know I'm wide open to burden but I have certainly tiger needs to. Let them by herb put out and put it's a moment that's sort of am okay. Do you think would be a red flag CU if she says. Don't go out. We had our. Well yeah in Pierre Pierre put spiritually. I'm OK okay we'll talk. An and we'll talk to you again tomorrow but I really appreciate your open nature about as the fact that your your opened too and it's really great. Oh yeah well I mean there I am pretty transparent. Person in general does you know. I'm certainly open to lure or dark truly that you would have been so this year he can help need. Burner to the same sorts. Authentic welts and I'll text you and that the times ET tomorrow OK. Okay it's a result that we have a great day. I do I. In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one noticed the company's bought and answer will cover you jumping ship shelter and star Nady for a one.