Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave Part 6

Monday, December 12th


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They're just fringe and shell. Has the answer. Gentlemen we've been waiting a while for an I appreciate that you are able to give it some time to think about it. And talk to his girlfriends. To recap. Big gave my half brother fell in love with a woman he met. On line is on the other side of the globe she's in the Philippines. He's in North Carolina. And she sent a message on base vote. From that our relationship blossomed. That he believes. Has. Led him to his home. I believe he is getting. An apple and adamant but like I've done some research I've shared it with a huge and I've had every. But he would listen his third at there's there's unfortunately there's a lot of scams that come out of that part of the world. Involving. American men and Filipino women. And he wanted to get heard anti anti get hurt and three fronts physically ark broke ten financially or emotionally yeah Keeneland is all the money or. Something even worse happening. That is like endangered and you've you've read a life talk to a lot of people. And the reason we started and it's been since March yet had the reason that we're talking about it now on the radio is because they've booked his flight he's going. And Evgeni wary to the Philippines. Well you calorie when this first came out back in March April may and I started to think that this might really be a scam. She had some contact who had contacted the doctor fail. So she reached out to doctor fail. And and would you be interested in this meeting here any because apparently they do stories about this all the time like this and Sheila Google and some show of his from the past popped yet. She's like I'm gonna reach out. So they do this at that date this is that's. It's not unusual email from and again and say talk about as if she sent them all the information and say hey. How would you be interested in the story what they call me back the week of my wife. Couldn't really follow up that had some other stuff going on in in back burner until two weeks ago when Davis like I've booked a flight. Now it's priority one. And you had a conversation with him. Yesterday. Yes so I had a couple conversations that Dave first of all his talk with him about. Would he be opened to going on the Dr. Phil show up. Correct and he said that he was open to it but he wanted to talk to her about it. First. Are being. His girlfriend in the Philippines yes. And he has spent a lot of time on Skype and he wanted to talked about it is after early Dave believes that this is that. Future of white shark he's gonna bring in the fans yes and spend holidays with you guys is going to be with you and in your family come to family things forever and I. So he's like I respect and love this woman I need to run by her first so on so we wanted to give him some time yet some questions about it and if there are some concerns around privacy that sort of thing so I think we answered most of his questions and he and I had a conversation and he gave me an answer whether or not he is gonna go to Dr. Phil with you. That button right there. All. The page and Howard K to have you today. Yet we're doing here OK so everybody is waiting with bated breath to find how it. Did you talk to her about doctor for dole. I do it. But I just saw it. We're just heard not my state was little that little bridge form that we have to choose sure. Control world bet you know emotion as the relationship. Too little sun god can do citizens were aware of it. What better way to give worried go. You do all the platform like that should be saying. And then and what does she say. Well known she showed up okay. What type over you know and you know I just saw that it warns. That. You know nothing bad would come from this way our family you know you know it's alarms no no. Insulated from begun work now. Really hurting anybody it and you learn what you did at. So I didn't really you know one or more on national television you. Know error in my relationships. You know I would dream and to gel so it shows that simple. That's awesome day and I'm so excited she was OK with that. Yeah made too so now what color flag is that. You're right. You're right those that are so it's not a red flag than what coach what are used. Greed. And those that are racing flag. I don't. You live in North Carolina re all big bear cabaret is here in Atlanta Tim. It's a great lag. Though. OK okay so. Awesome Dave I'm so happy to hear that I am really really excited about it because they think that. Like he said you'll be able to share your relationship and prove one way or the other and give her family chance to feel good about it if in fact you do go over there meter. Yeah absolutely. I'm kinda just seems certain you know it looks like it's all going to be good did it all worked out could give you more I just got to have that. Saatchi and you've got the faith. I got to take those social or. Asomugha is there anything else that you want it says share saying. An and I know that Jeff will be Todd and he releasing about plans hands and getting all the details together to the suit Dr. Phil. Well I would just say for Eagles 94 point one is not your lose ownership and organized listeners. Know I would just say don't. Charter. Are at a time let's let what that evidence that there. Big present it. So let's wait until after the show dark film and in so well she she's a great girl or Russia easily terrible it should do all these types. Let's wait until that comes because this could and its name ID by Y future that was well there are a lot of words. You know little. Will be part of the night before or an audience you know will be part of your family part of the radio terribly partisan. Gesture and weren't so much so it will Levy's. Criticisms. Negative criticisms and ways. Until we find out what true touched. Mean she is ever leave your family around Thanksgiving table that is can. Yeah space. Think it was talking about it and will be intentionally so intimate with. I have a great day thank you. I Jenn hobby did. Yes. And and it does you know what he said what color flag is that that does change the color of the flag a little bit. It goes from red to faded. And as it goes to green. To. The doctor L team. We're just right and I and and that led measure you go with absolutely again you wanna go. Few things at home to me is again. Hey I am I think whoever let's go to Gallo can't bring line increasing grant date and teacher I literally. Saints as soon as he said that she gave her last thing for a I sent a message to their producer Apatow who have been dealing. And these games they gave his name says the ball is roll acts so I'll keep you posted on the next steps back either like. This to me is the beginning of an out. Yet I'm saying so. Real solid answer I'm glad that there's somebody would the resource is in the experience that doctor Phil's production team as. That we will now once and crop it the Dave thank you and Dave's girlfriend in the Philippines thank you for agreeing to do that. Now. Wait for fell on felt. Peachtree City and all over its yeah. Demonstrate come. You just enjoy and Shia on saw no need for a long line.