Jenn's New "Friend" Has An Attitude

Monday, January 16th


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Our O'Sullivan worked today until he can can win. Now back to. Once stung for a wants everybody was asking me about the phone call we took on Friday. A woman calling the show to ask Jane. Why jennies so rude. So cold hearted. Listen to this. I'll I'll. Milan. Did you get this. Is. You are not women who are. Blocking WR though outlook while I got in I been trying to get the call. Trying not it. You're good and I didn't put me in the big radio woman. You hit your back and that it should I don't know how you lose what you Miley creepy blond thing you want not what people in July. I think people love it what you are told me you won't want to play you are a lot in life woman and people a little bit. I want to review mall. I don't get my key out. AP articulate. Well what can show king we'll be able and you need. You look at me like I don't mud on the goal. One. You don't where you look I don't learn. Total I'll keep me jumping big bag of being in walking like you're on digital. As I am I make my way into complete do you like out. Don't you brought back all the Americans. Are what I knew I don't think they need anything but then. Don't all right. Oh thank you. Any and Anna I also think what I sell. A this OG so you were approached you work at the mall would love a guy wrote animal use cell hair products. And Jane doe and Jiang did not buy your hair product. Oh Biden she bought I should look at me you got. I have no right to put all normal normal. I'd say the public relation to beat it and I'll be eager not your heart out all the money. I. Believe Eminem wanna you didn't want it out. And anymore and a million times and figure out exactly what our action lies so do you know do I. Our our. Okay to a legal. We blonde lady I met like yeah I'm working out. Yeah are all animal I'm I'm the quiet side and I like being. Bill lover or what I what if you'd. He beat the eighty. Should at TD I don't beat them they can't get it. Right here on. I can't bank and we look we can't be true at all and 88. What. Do you believe in a big. According to a bit more adept at it but you can treat the next level in more on pig. Okay and it is how does that and. I don't. Yeah you think you are okay I'm not I don't know SR. Zero cents a way. You are not easily she had no luck. Well. Sorry that I have any idea now I I am sure I just didn't. Want any so is it possible that and a cool is it possible that in there in that. Rush in the pre holiday rush. Jane was running through the malls you know give her. The last minute gifts or whatever and she didn't she wasn't shopping for herself so when you approached her about. Making her hair pretty or whatever. Is it possible that she will she just wasn't. I'm really into that at that time. There's yeah. Should go to. The product that apple gladly eat it all and god wake. He. Or at public site. You know what they want and that I know what channel you get job yeah. She. Sure if you had beaten you want to be greedy lying my arm up while you wish you'd be denied because. It. But it's not if she turned you down she's not mean she gets in why. We hear she's only a lot. Me Q why. Poorly eighth inch. Of it. Am so sorry. I rejected your offered or you're sales did was not the way it should be. I remember having a bunches up and arms that day and remember. One of the banks feeling because I've indicated that Fisher Price record player okay. I remember having bags and be heavy so maybe I just wasn't as politely rejecting you know as he thought should be I'm sorry if I need you I hope that it she's tough muscle doesn't show. I really think about it would put that apology well done. A routine. Did she maybe it was just that now I'm just curious if if she said anything to year. While out on alert called his eyes okay. REI. Well thank you. Or bring in this earning well grant Greg thank you for bringing this or attention I'm gonna rate after this year it down. Some of the people here at the radio station and talk about James. Off Faire attitude of well how do you look at you let me. I am it is tough being here are already saying it's like it's basically like spending every morning dean Al rainstorm. God bless you and K thank you ran and I have many product as well. I've got our rights completely yes. Phones coming out something like yeah she's. Phones coming out IQ. I. That we've been to I've I wanted me there so only at parties. Kelly. I want him to teach me how to click the liquor meet the LA you know. Every animal they hate you down their error. You credit that woman went belly. Obviously. I and as her with mine now Rivera on our behalf. Rusting the faith. Typically have that you are coated ice maybe as at solicitors idea more orders night in seal. On his. You Peachtree City and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. Big jet engines Yahoo! on snow or no need for a long line.