Kelly Bumble Advice

Wednesday, September 7th


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In case you haven't heard it today look down. No one noticed companies thought enhancing we'll cover you. The championship show star and 841 eyed and studio we have witness. Our producers Geneen. And Kelly G entire. Tell it she's gonna turn the floor over to you here in just the second week is. Kelly said. That if you are a single woman. There is one thing. You must have. In your arsenal one word. And Geneen. Find yourself new single. And Kelly. Is an over eager recruit. I think it is a life coach at I don't like yeah yeah. Kelly cheeses the ROTC guy and I can't. Now banned it. Apple lie to. So Kelly the of floor is viewers. Ellis is magic. Word its image in a light -- mean in all the other single women live and in the update. I got one word warrior and aunts and bumble. And bumble. Is the best out. Of all time amber and I say why engineering they yet know why. Gaga Eric an even ready to ID eight. I gaseous. Yeah. Fresh off a break a leg we're talking and one. Yeah about about on the as the week OK you have failure Canada of the them. Of the mines all of the worst rate back this thing as an as a veterinarian got a half a bad way to get over is it unfair. You he's an and a battled not a joke what kind of hit so bumble is the best apps aren't. And different personalities. And there. I found. As a great Abbott says a lot of data out make it work both sides of the party can contact each other. And I don't necessarily love that you know and bumble only the girls in contact. So it's great is you just open apple outlined in right now and then boom this little old looking at him on. He's on the lake and if a doctor. So why I renowned name he's so. So it works only tender right where he swiped yes or no exactly only the women's wiping essar now while no mention swipe too but they just can't contact ease of use like for somebody that also cite for you it'll be like. Saying you gotta match and that means that they also slight hill which is cool but then you have 24 hours to contact. And then at any point in the conversation and they come off creepy at all in the you have the option to unmatched in the block them it is like methods and you can set an age range say you know highlight Alienware. That's news yen thirty like 36 but I put Tony 736. Honored just heard from people watching in. I am who I thought yeah. Look I can't go seeds in cautioning against the embassies and despite and what he is well traveled look at that smile and he loves children and now. Laying the world explain the difference between. Bumble and it in. I've never actually been on tender because I didn't want. People are just being able to contact me. And that's the difference like anybody can contact anybody on tenor when you match once you match yet is ave. Dating site is there's like hookah. I think it's what you make engine you know I think about it means that outside and kept my head count is that you can make anything that he. That's your cat that he's got a big country and for winning its interest in mingle you have to. You guys ever. Did damage dating app at all I made before this lastly deposit in their light. And it is. And it and that and then on nanny when it it was. Standards are ignored the shore for everything. Yes you needed to be honest I think it might just. So I'm sorry is not in. An inning and I spelled it after about a week I'm sorry. I apologize to anybody for not dating well I. Don't even doubt she's. He's ever. Well what's even better about Obama because we're busy you know and use you know you get on bomblets 7 in the morning because you just chill on acquired. And then you match with them my lenient 24 hours a contact one you don't contact right away. Bumble and reminds you hey you've only got twelve hours left at Texas super I'm IDs lives. So like I'm a swipe right this is Preston. He he's he's really cute you know and oh yeah there oh and not my type I'm gonna go left and now the and it it is at saint. You just I world oyster I've come. I'm really upset at the object of trying of men that is happening in this room right now that you're flipping. Through these guys like that are. And you don't think the answer to me that same thing this guy standing on a Billy. I hate the and that objective Imus people watching morning. And what your judgment of the guys standing and ability flight last. And as a access and I mean he's seen super not that. I need to hook up premiere the red bios. Like Joseph he's trying to show what is every fourth girl I come across on humble work at and like global companies that. Philly you can say funny thing anything. Yeah just I'm with you my name's JP and I feel like dead there's a lot of object of buying a man going on we are people not sandwiches. And then don't put your. A. I. I think shooting away when year ready and you do not need to feel peer pressure from Alley uh oh we will be a safe place for you Kelly. I've already downloaded on your news. They do when your ready. There should be 124 hour period where Kelly it's. In finance. And sets and they care about him and you'll swiping and everything war. When guys are going to look at Ohio. Half hour. Seeding went on line. Star in 941.