Is this kid cheating or being resourceful

Tuesday, October 4th


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In case you haven't heard it today and look down. And I know I noticed companies bought an answer we'll cover you. The championship show star Nady for a one night and yesterday and this year I told quick story. About wondering if I was gonna and a brand that AB CTV show what would you do because he's not a kid. Coffee shop cheating just. Yeah well I. I mean I'm assuming that's what he was you and he's told this quick story. Look at across them in the room and seen this woman who is obviously a tutor because apparently dropped off or did it would take Quayle as the tutored and is it would talk about it. And that it would leave and then another tidbit you know. And happened three times while I was sitting. Thirteen. Wind tutored at a tease the bath. Walked around the table opened her folder and looked something in her folder and would go back and write something down. And go back and wonderful and then rates and Jimmy was definitely check out the back door of each and it would it. Under for centuries cheating on whatever which is issues getting right. Right and I said well I wouldn't old economy if I thought it was then that TV shows that. What would do yeah. People crossing the line. No one's watching would you step up and say something. Yeah away. A lot of tough decisions out there. So the core. Still there is one where you. It's down to Leone is the host of what would you do and I looked around at no indication that knows Anthony's right. He did not say anything to the kid shorts and teacher and here's what blows my mind. I got an email from a woman named Michelle. Out to join. She says I did the right thing. Not only did I do the right thing by ignoring. That he it was a cheap. Encino. And Michelle welcome to the shadow. Hey Chelsea you heard Jeff tell the story about being at the coffee shop he's several different kids coming in to get tutored and the one kid. Yeah and he and I don't think back seeing I think that's too bad glamorous first okay because. It if you haven't got to be looking in apple there or is he had a phone he got off work every sources should. Then she should have secured it somehow taken Whitner I mean I don't think they would you do mainly. Practical. Might she Eaton a game it wouldn't you couldn't you argue that it's keeping it. In her notebook. I said he got out walked around like to the side of the table hoping her book let her binder. As far as I'm concerned that is every sort at his availability right there in the air and you know I don't that he should've taken with her. It was if that is actually see. And it shouldn't be so acceptable. It's not accessible is thinner closed. On your conscience right. If not I mean it's right there at his disposal. Say you think it teacher or tutor is at fault here. I get that on I guess saying that eight you'll have a resource available to you you should be able to use it. An American that's cheating. You're argument is he could not do anything wrong. And you can also say the tutored into any and. Not that she doesn't care if if he were looking at yeah I mean I just think that it's resourceful kid would. A good bit like. He she wouldn't care which is why I was in a book on her side of the table. Of it was. It will then I guess then I get the scooter is that part of it that is not part as I mean I'm just saying you should be able to use whatever is. Available to help you I mean. If you're taking attempt at school and are not allowed to use here on base they take your phone away right. You're also not allowed to use the person's paper that's next CO. But you could maybe still see it if you wanted to work closely enough okay say that that's a great argument that Jen make. Is that resourceful if you intentionally sit next to people you know they ace tests and copy out. I mean I guess that it. He environmental pureed if that is available to you should be able to use it. Now. You have kids Michelle. No I don't all right let's imagine a world where you did in this yeah this young man was your son. Would you be proud of him. I mean I think it's her yeah who think about all there where any accuracy. Every twelve year old. Man. I. Probably. Yeah man who are flying that you know do you. Good to hate it vehement. Whatever you have you know there. I won't would you consider cheating them. And we're gonna get to the phones because the every phone line right now is lit up and and Kelly chief engineer answering them as fast as weak and so we. Hey so. TV would actually be like changing your great. I think in essence yes if you take it had and and Palin it and then somehow hacking in somewhere and they change your grade back seat. Am. All right let me arrogant claim let me get this argument let's say that the person. Teacher writes the great down in her book. Intense. And the resourceful student. Lying about a racist the pencil mark and and changes that I. Now that's still changing I think that he. We just have different lines that sometimes. Can this welcomed that Jeff and Jan show. Thank. You to. Yet here at Lilly cheating at app really immoral and that the jet as it. You know they've been ridiculously. He knew he wasn't that I'd say go look at the entered. He knew he did not admit it your way it'd absolutely dishonest immoral and completely cheating. Our Katherine welcome to the jets and Jen Jen. Thanks for all this woman is what's wrong where here of the day I was not Egypt. She doesn't. Have hit that doesn't matter if the parent to think. Tank when he. You can't blame my teacher or your child eating. And then they doubled you did that mean why they called moral and I UN has it that the anymore but it still should be. That's how she did he should be punished. And where should be taught in Hong art school. Don't think I need a bit Catherine I think we have Terry I don't know oh go ahead Michelle do you agree to captain. I can't I have a question. Though that's not really say you find a restaurant you know and how they are not actually charging your credit card. And you keep billing back is that also seeing that make it I would say go back its long if you can't until they charge you and I think that's resourceful. That's our mentality. That's pronounced yet. Yet that ceiling in it I found out I didn't charge my credit card I would go out there and tell them that it that equipment and money on the sonic eat a lot. That agreement to preach. Do you think that this also applies. To. Teachers. Like if a teacher left a folder on her desk where they copy of tomorrow's asked. You mean an over it and she Latin and she left the room to walk a student may be down and. Think you'd like to teach your yeah. Definitely it I mean. I hope that I didn't wanna make your own banquet. Codec so I teachers in their own room and say it's got a roomful of freshman okay. And you leave act has been a folder on your dad and you don't expect. Bet I can't get a get a look at. Because you're in bear. And one of the kids needs to be walks to the nurses out. Terrible shot himself in the year with a pencil. And the teacher that's all I got vacationers. This class will be back in three minute walks that in the end of the Hong comes back. Those kids are being resourceful that they use that opportunity. Go on her desk and look wonderful they're. Absolutely. Tristan well the Japanese and Kristin what do you do for a living. Each for aiding. And language arts. And patriots you know all that angle he told. Me. We're in the door number nine in a happy somebody else may not the end you know in the there are being source. Mail regarding the papers and actually learn the L. And keep them in India and Germany are. And I am out on the critic of the person. And giving you credit and you play. And fortunately married you you're like well I did do you in the morning. He thought about equally or even source. They didn't. Christen XY Michelle. What is your line in the sand on what is cheating and what is. She did you do anybody know what did you hurl. Given her recent lecture at the student. Actually burned and Gary and Mary and the union would pull her suitor. What will write it. And yeah yeah. Whether you're going to and you Harry Carson could pull out. Lure to the Oregon currently. Well early. I don't know that yeah well. Yeah and the other. I think of that. All right so. About parents paying extra yeah and well catering to get a tutor for whatever fifty bucks and I don't know I'm an ideal fit fifty bucks right. In this kid. Cancels out that entire lesson because she looked at the quiz and as a union you know that entail moving time. Michelle if you're the parent you think the kid also cheated and I. Because he's not getting the kid is not providing the parent with what the parent paid for. I don't think it's our. If you're taking kind of I have a risk if McCain doctrine I mean with that late. The teacher that on the phone. Which he said that the kid. Has since found a paper on the Internet and then turned to Dan and Scott you do actually I'll do you responsibility for that when you're. Joey welcome to the jet engine channel. We're sitting here with jaws negate. Well listen I think all of can't circling and have their opinion either of them an alliance. I used to achieve high school all the time cheap college. East hit actually a Smart kid in clash. Came mutate little people root access and you know like eight keeps you from failing class so I don't understand what the big deal rouge. So generally you don't feel like you cheated yourself. And don't have that knowledge you don't athletic. That's acknowledged I had that knowledge now working for our marketing agency I graduated college out making great money so. I mean or what what's the big deal. You just ate a little test having talent and he figured he should have 141516. Years old. How EG got your co workers. No I'll need to keep up my co workers little knowledge on that ought to put it. The time in the study. I had and other things I wanted to do. This is fascinating I've a question from dish out Arnold millennial I'd Michelle. Here's a question yeah they pose this question. So obviously Janet I've worked at a radio station and on the other side of the building is that sales are. There's all these cubicles. With salespeople and and let's say somebody over years. A sales person. Having a conversation with a potential client it sounds like it could go really well. But salesperson BE who overheard the conversation. Jumps out immediately gets in her car and rise to that client's location. This stack of paperwork and some contracts and says I want to buy commercials on star Manny for one. Because she got overheard the other person. Is backing a Smart. Cut throat. I'm Michelle we're gonna let you go. But we're still gonna take some phone calls you when you listen thank you. Yet thanks content dancer talk and that ever videos disagreed. And I can't say my created a degree or another planet you. I'm thank you Michelle. I don't. Real quick present lasted he Stephanie cheating analogy. Oh definitely kidding I'd thank you for calling we appreciate. Your Ashley has a concern. We admission. I isotopes in our children. I mean I'm Soledad and I don't. Or go welcomed the jet engine. Thank you I would. Could be a fly on the wall and shell on an airplane had to go to ladies room. And we hope the person. And to hurt short or maybe per person. Behind. Are you leave and her speech and I just how short. President the end. And Ari. And bill drops in my. Star in 941.