Lauren's First Day

Thursday, August 2nd

We check in with Jenn to see how she's holding up!

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Ready to toward. Hi we are doing they generally is Jeff contend show right now because jet and that has to be with our all of his daughter Lauren I'm big thirds pay them. Garden gen. And I'm there. You can't beat your Riley added the only thing I hope that morning I don't like I'm really not. I didn't want. How are you guys. It out to be here and I. A well do you put up. Last night at tightening the grounds out tonight making sure like every paper didn't play every night all the great card act that actually explode all the. So I'm that's so unlike you. I know I know I'm from the technically last night. Right now Jen what is aids that exempted because you make crying about this all week Gavin made fun of him playing that. You know slowdown sung and all of that torturing her torturing and I knew that but when you cry are they happy tears or said tears. Happy I think I've got. It's got her permanent huh. I'm going to yesterday I was happy right Whitner and I'll look at the age but I keep going to die and who aren't in the garden and well. I think there are at. Urban and quiet life. I had about a bet that being a mixture of. And added I'm just took out of earns blue excited about battling. Panic and he's here. So how Lauren doing this morning is she's so excited. And it's. Mom and her attitude problem glad they're adorable column and jitter glitter so. This girl grew in her under her pillow last night to help her through the first quote triggered this adorable. Is that those loosening him. Why is why is that T journey you already have a litter and. Yeah you know edit forever and we're going to go today glitter and her hair. Didn't. I know Lawrence excited you do seem like you're holding it together. Intel you have to turn it is she riding the bus today or is she getting a ride in. I'm how unpopular right here at the door I hate to note that he had not at work today and I wanted to. So only if the hole right on court. He had and it. Grant and I hadn't he gotten better and leave her door and and. Did you meet one of acute chalk boards that are like this is her favorite thing right now. When he played actually. Not only an hour a day and they way they're taking all your. And I got there and the important thing would come. OK so that part of being happy and I'm like I'm glad I. The perfect brighter court. Not. Bad on it Laura and kind and brave and that that kindergarten I guess what eighteen into my America's class of 2030. Wow I'll go back alleyways and made an advantage and they meet crown need do yeah. I'm sorry you won't be here. I want BA guys who graduation large about B day. So far in the future. Putting already. And I went let's pressuring about your family whose checked out there work on the immediate but our house grew. Rant doing is he like his he is if you don't if anyone listening that doesn't go jams family its recent Laura and her daughters and Jana obviously Jan and then. But her husband has been an education his entire life he's been. A teacher and a coach at a principal and now he's a superintendent. So it is this this just another day at work or hammered do you think he's gonna guilty and is tied to. Knowing you're we'll finally get it you went. Into the classroom that it. Like you did the president look at it I'd call them work I. Oh. You wanna once he held accountable what do you what brought you can't learn. Now you got homer for the rest your life honey number. Yeah. Ten dollar tees over you can do it yeah definitely you know. And you can watch TV when you finish these algorithms the jungle never about the future. A lot of us in the morning magnitude yeah and other money making bet I could get back out there and let me say it out. I'd say I don't go to carrier family and what's your prediction. Grant tears are no grants years. You can you just got. And today I still look like dad and so proud of her and help power the thing we're like. Copycat in my head of the art curator and and it can't be that actual here. All right well my my guess is he's gonna suddenly I'm either get something in his eight. Or perhaps at no good I got to step outside her. I got a good. Go smoke yeah. May we never smoked in your life and overnight I just need to wait. Yeah I got to eat and cry at Jerry's gonna cry in blue you all. Well it got to admit I. They're eight. I did like today Jen and Lauren and Rivera in the breeze in the whole family says thanks Richard you know that's. And we thank them on the court and then let me a little bit yeah. He spoke very little I don't. He's lucky did mayor Jim and there hey Janet you're gonna describe the Jetsons and share this up because I never heard it before he told Judy that unless all of it all of hire her blue. All the elite. Eight are Hamlet. I didn't know it did Travis brown okay well I you guys. And I did I but I. You know that kind of neutrality and Brian I think you Rhode I think right now it's all business and then once you did is out in the bathroom stop here. This is that Japanese yen Shia. Jen how to see. How are you holding up well. I'm really had a good attention and it. Out today and get a better look at it but I'm glad a camera body murder. Not I'm moving jets and I L as an essay Wear sunglasses don't hold times. So buying. I like tag you're it. If I remember correctly from yesterday at this point. Lauren should be in her classroom she is officially a candidate Gardner and you should be so. Lonely and acting out in that he had I'm out I didn't. Didn't like. There's Google Earth yeah. I'm. There's double the extreme note I did it out about the out of her that I wake up in my mind you don't want. Not yeah. All right guys you sent a crying and I didn't hear any little thing. Good thing how oh how did she do that you just swapping an anti secrecy and say hello. I act or how. I'd hit. The ground. This really we that I did you out there hasn't gotten here everybody that Arnold don't. And yeah. You'll hear how it went a bit cold and not only their right you don't mom who who jumped up her freshman in high school it will. She has completed. OK. Okay all right well. All right I'm two questions for you don't whine. And neither is boys would like prom date materials. And spell that out CLU matters Baghdad. And they'll be rent a little together diet. Had a bigger than a decade away from Ambien alone in the back of a limo I'm just saying I. Hey have you go Frontieres distressed rally. A little off. And question number two did grant get misty did your husband Sierra. And I help you went through I support apparently to beat back. I think yeah my brain is not work with our kids so I think he jacked it up with that the. He did it appears. Yeah up until this point she was his daughter from today forward she's just a column on a spreadsheet. Yeah. It. One of the number. You it was pretty good epic patent pledge allegiance that would not I got to the Sheraton. And every day. And over hired slide in the car while Jen and I enjoy the rest of your day try not to get too tipsy and for Psycho without the other moms who were. Brutal winter here you have to take every kid this afternoon to do that with a hangover is not a good look and they won. I'm not I revisited today congratulations. Let me Dan let me get a little lucky you. And she I'll still are.