More Calls on Stepfather in Delivery Room

Friday, June 24th


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And Jen shall we go to the I don't gonna take to mark calls on this now read them. Max in crisis mode he's got a baby coming next month and news. Wife wants her dad heard rumors that daddy in the delivery room with her and she is where. Matt is like you would somebody please help if we are right so everybody in his world her world is like Abigail. And few more calls recess in wards that. Is actually done this and advises against it. I DO IPO. Your. Well for Iron Man my grandma's. Well it in the around it but that situation very comfortable. Now. I you know act. And I mean Sheila is at the camera and now mean it is there were in there comfortable. And it. And it and there. Registered in the moment especially. I'll know what you do. What you do you feel like yours must do our. You even as much as UT birthing classes prepare for that moment. He's doing and it's you don't wanna be trying to perform. For an audience of people now did they ask taken. Four maybe number. I'm won't you. And kind of had a light lighten it up though. Civilian and fast they turn they act but never became as I like my attic you it does it mean that in the room. But I needed they asked if you have to shut him down. I mean from. Our last call some are in Fayetteville and she is a nurse now an expert opinion expert opinion. I mean. I wouldn't do it number one a lot of doctors want any I'm. A lot of them don't a lot of people render you have carp Asian there's Jimmy on. I don't know how the black and having people on the what I work and yeah I mean you are just. A and it I'm actually. Yeah I. My father I'm an only child. Advocates urged job and I'll. Now when I was wavering on the way he. Came back on every yeah. I mean he came back afterwards. I would never. Personal right. Perfect thank you for the collier an arson that makes you and experts a year in the final leg again I don't what are you have final word hit the gavel. They succumb summer I heeded our call David back and say use gonna call back in and Monday and let us that would needed. Okay we've given him some empowerment it's. Jolly does.