#ParentingForReal Calls

Tuesday, July 5th


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Are making this lynch. And adjusts it's our nation aren't hash tags parenting for real come on parents let's get real about this parenting isn't all those pretty pictures that you pose some basement you and all your parents friends caught hash tag parenting for real I caught hash tag birth control think the fact is definitely more accurate. You know we should realize there is about parenting saying now hey he's so welcome to the Japanese engine. Try how aria. K. Now I like it wanted to make it very clear it out there inched. People look at my side. And he beat pictures and make it in and then there is an. ERE. I read it. I pack and we now pretty much every hour hour and having more. Like I don't know. Five hours in total. Sleep in a long. I'm. Not anti. And and night out that clearly lacking in all accurate. They'll it looked relaxed and happy in pictures that it not betray. It's just tired. What was the Paris. Kids in 1996 month it's out. Every hour on the hour it's an added Nnamdi. That's hash tag parenting for real hash tag it's a big sunglasses. At aka. Era and and a Starbucks gift card brackets that attach tag parenting for help thanks for the call Lisa thankfully you know. They'd Jason you have a parenting for real story. They. Yep might get like I'll copy machines create for our content. Serb you know she'll like destroyed. Only program and that you know like with all the problems. I mean she did that the other. And done. You know I was just sit. Didn't really want a clean up. I just what the dog police and he let let the dog liquor cleans. I. Our hard earned in Reno and her. Fantastic. And it sounds and it works and the dog it's it's magic and that it has any dog. I'm not cripple an armed. That begs the companies and. And Kelsey is on the phone Kelsey tells your parenting for real. I have me toddler. Right and the terrible situation. That. Will own me eat Brett. That kid will not eat and eat out. Broad and not think you Wear. Red folic so the Google. So the other day and Matt read. It earned an all. In the multi brand that needs to be here now. I'd kind of like it got them all and that it. At tech parenting are rail. Her. For making this wedge. After the Japanese yen shell apparently aren't.