#ParentingForReal - July 5, 2016

Tuesday, July 5th


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Are making the switch. An adjustment yeah certainly aren't Jenn hobby starting a social media revolution. Where their hash tag. For parents. It's called hash tag parenting for real is now you scroll through face deputies everybody's pictures of their matching outfits and their. Perfect those on the girls and always wearing this knocked out it's looking like. John Kennedy junior you know and create the White House aides also mocked all. Outfits for the boys he now Connolly that I was now in a proper little boy's dad belittled with acting their colleague John John's or some things our way anyway that's what you see on base that is the perfect picture that parents. Come on. You know that that's not real life real life. Is the pictures of your kids that are have come they're just like covered in bananas are they. You know got into the markers and it's all over their faces that is hash tag parenting for real so. You're. You first brought this up and we knew came and went with a picture view. And a before and after picture as that picture view holding Reese he has met and beautiful daughter and then formats later she threw up off the obvious latter. And it was a big old mass of cottage cheese all violently cut it she's on my shirt. Hello we talked about parenting hash tag parenting for real a couple of weeks ago here's one of the calls that we got. Yes I was tired I want to my iPhone in the fridge right next and I just. Well yeah except then the next day. I went back into the restaurant then we'd done given the Ford and got into a screaming match which is manager but stopped that they had stolen my iPhone. Manuel Lara and the terms aren't my that they're saying hey man it was in the rich. Are. Not. Resist with your heart with this with the your first child. But apparently it yet. In theory thoughtful or real 4047419400. Is the phone number if you gonna contribute. To hash tag parenting for real. Hey Rachel tell us about your parenting for real story. So. Parenting Syria is triggered are being and I find myself feeling like acted and I did think it's because I'm tired. And recently acted like it copy. In the that the and guess what milk in my. And the kid. Apart but it's. Oh my god that's my worst nightmare I hit a toddler on copying. I'm. See you mean. That into a great deal means and sleep. At anchor and more of your phone calls in three minutes for a foursome 419400. Hash tag searching for real. For making this lynch to the justice shall certainly aren't.